Chameleon allows you to configure Experiences to show in a particular place, using URL matching. This allows you to have tours that are across pages. To show an Experience on a particular subdomain, you can include this within the URL match.

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Steps to move tour from staging to production

If you plan to build an Experience on a staging environment to later move to production, here is the best way to do this:

  • Use the staging specific URL on the first step (e.g. URL contains text = ): only shows on staging

  • For all subsequent steps, don't include the specific subdomain (e.g. URL contains text = ): could show on staging or production

Note: Subsequent steps in a Tour will only show if the previous ones have been seen. This means subsequent steps cannot be seen on production, in case the first step is only set to show on staging. 

Once you have thoroughly tested the Experience on staging and ready to deploy to production, simply change the first step URL match from  to  or  and it (and the subsequent steps of the tour) will be ready for production. 

Note: Don't forget to hit 'Apply Edits' so that this change is applied.

Multiple staging or production environments

If your product has multiple different environments, you can use a wildcard, or a regular expression match. You can also send Chameleon a custom value (or string) associated with a user or account, and match to this.

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👀 Coming soon Moving between environments within the Dashboard

Chameleon Experiences can be moved between configured environments in a few clicks. If you have configured environments in the Domains menu in Settings, then you can change the environment of an Experience in the Edit tab of each Experience, in the Dashboard.

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Note: Editing Experiences in the Dashboard is currently in beta. Check out the preview here.

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