In Chameleon, you can set your brand style and ensure the same brand cohesion across every Experience you build. You can set and adjust your account styling from the Dashboard's Styling page.

Quick access

One of the first things you can do with Chameleon is to set the default styling for your Experiences. This way, anytime you, or someone on your team, will create a new Experience, it will automatically be styled in your brand colors. Branded-in-app guidance? Always! ๐Ÿ˜‰

To set your Brand Basics, go to the Styling page and click the 'Set your brand' button.

Here, you can then set your main brand colors and fonts, as well as button style or canvas corners. This will adjust all the individual styling configurations to match your theme and easily apply your personality. ๐Ÿ˜‰

With Chameleon, you can use your explicit font family - just ensure they are spelled in precisely the same way as on your page. Chameleon then pulls this font from your page when showing any Experiences.

You can also use a comma-separated list of fonts to include fallbacks if necessary, for full control.

Note: the font may not display in the Dashboard or previews, but will work when previewing any Experiences in the Builder.

From the Styling section in the Dashboard, you can also adjust different styling components individually (e.g. just buttons). You can use this to further define your account's default styling or to update specific Experiences.

Here you can set your default:

To learn more about Styling Experiences with Chameleon, read this article.

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