A useful button feature in Chameleon is connecting user actions with other product components, Experiences, or Integrations. With Tours, Microsurveys, and Tooltips, you can also configure buttons to assign a Tag to each user that clicks a button.

User Tags in Chameleon

You can assign Tags to your users and use them when creating your audience Segments. You can upload a CSV file from the Dashboard to Tag multiple users. Or set an Additional button action to add Tag from Experience button clicks.

💡 Check out this article to learn what you can do with CSV imports from the Dashboard.

You can use Chameleon buttons to launch up to 4 different actions at a time from a button click. One of these Additional actions is the Tag user one, which will add a Tag to every user who clicks on your button.

How can I Tag users from button actions?

To configure a button to Tag your users, select the button and go to the Additional Action option, and in the Send Data section, you'll have the "Add Tag" option.

Once you select the Add Tag option, you will see a list with all user Tags created on your account. You can pick one from the list or create a new one.

Once you pick a Tag from the list, your user data in the Dashboard will be updated for every user who clicks this button.

Creating new user Tags

You can add new user Tags directly from the Builder. If there aren't any Tags created when you search for one, you can type in a unique word and click the "+" icon. This way, you'll create a new Tag on your account that Chameleon will add to the users who interact with your button.

Note: There is a 50 Tag limit on all accounts. Once you reach this limit, you won't be able to create new Tags until you remove some of the existing ones.

👀 Removing user Tags is coming soon!

Once you add your user Tags, you will find these available as Chameleon Tags filter options on your Segments page and ready to use in your targeting.

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