Chameleon collects user data by default. However, you can send more user data from your own back-end or from third-party software to power your efforts.

💡 Read the User data Overview article to see what data types you can leverage in Chameleon and how this helps you deliver better guidance.

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How to send data to Chameleon

Sending Chameleon more data will provide you with a richer set of targeting options, to help deliver the most relevant and engaging product Experiences to your users. All data collected by default by Chameleon, or user data that you send directly or via our integrations, will be available to you in Chameleon.

There are several ways to send data to Chameleon:

  • Via our integrations

  • Directly via our API

  • With a CSV import from the Dashboard

Sending data via integrations

If you already use Twilio Segment or Freshpaint, then this is the best way to send data to Chameleon. You can enable our both of these integrations from the Dashboard and Chameleon will automatically receive all the user data you already collect.

If you don't use these tools, but do use one of our data-source integrations (Amplitude, Mixpanel, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.) you can pull data into Chameleon. You can also send in enriched data from your entire stack with Hightouch or Census.  

Next, leverage all this data when defining your custom Segments and enjoy a deeper product engagement.

Sending data via our API

You can also send user data (properties or events) via our API. To learn more about this please visit the following articles:

🧑‍💻 Developer can help: ask your technical teammates to help you if you're not comfortable doing this alone. You only need to do this once, so gather the list of user data you want to use in your segmentation and ask your developers to send it all!

Sending data via CSV imports

This is to help you when you can not immediately import all the user data you need to build contextual in-product Experiences by using our existing methods to dynamically import user data.

You can send user and company properties with a CSV import from your Chameleon Dashboard; or Tag users and leverage those Tags when delivering Experiences.

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