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Get Chameleon up and running on your website with only a few clicks by using Twilio Segment

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Chameleon works with JavaScript. In order to activate and display in-product Experiences to your users, you will need to deploy the Chameleon code snippet to your website or web application.

There are different methods to do this; using Twilio Segment, you can get up and running in just a few minutes.

Twilio Segment is an API manager that allows you to easily turn on or off third-party code snippets in their applications. To use Twilio Segment, you first install their code directly on your product and then use their dashboard to manage other third-party integrations, such as Chameleon. 

You must be using TwilioSegment's JS library for Chameleon to function when installing this way.

When using this method to install Chameleon on your product: 

  • Chameleon is only installed on sites/pages where Twilio Segment is installed.

  • Chameleon features will only appear on pages where Twilio Segment's identify method is called.

  • In addition to installing the Chameleon code, Twilio Segment sends user data to Chameleon. You can leverage this to target Experiences to specific users

  • Chameleon also sends data (e.g. about your Experiences' performance) back to Twilio Segment, which you can use in other services connected to Twilio Segment. You can leverage this to coordinate all your user communication and view all product data in one place. 

We highly recommend installing Chameleon through Twilio Segment. It makes it much more powerful and can help your tech stack function more synchronously. 

🔐 To access the installation page, you need to have created a free Chameleon account. You can create one here.

If your product has over 10k MAUs, speak with us! We can provide you with a tailored plan and pricing package. 

Installing with Twilio Segment is easier than ever! Once your Twilio Segment account is set up and you have it installed on your product, go over to the installation page and follow these steps:

  • Select the Twilio Segment installation method and copy the provided Token.

After completing these steps, Chameleon is installed on your application through Twilio Segment and data is flowing! Twilio Segment may take up to 45 minutes to propagate setting or integration changes; you can verify the installation by going to the 'Event Delivery' section (in the Chameleon destination) to check if data is flowing into Chameleon.

If you install Chameleon on a domain that's different from your email domain, it will be automatically disabled, and you should manually enable it in your Environments. The same goes for new subdomains that you add to already-enabled domains. This is to ensure better security and that no malicious domains get added to your account.

If you have any questions about this procedure, let us know! We are users and fans of Twilio Segment ourselves and welcome customers who also use it.

👉 See all you can achieve in your product with Chameleon when you install with Twilio Segment.

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