Duo integration: user guide

Learn how to use Duo to enable single-sign on for your account

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Use our Duo integration, to ensure secure access for your entire team to your Chameleon account. Leverage our SSO add-on and find the integration in your Dashboard to enable your team to authenticate in your account via single sign-on.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Add-on available for all plans

βš™οΈ Add from the Dashboard

How does this integration work?

Duo is a two-factor authentication solution that helps organizations boost security by verifying user identity, establishing device trust, and providing a secure connection to company networks and applications.

Leverage Duo and switch your authentication method for your Chameleon account to single sign-on.

Setting up the integration

First, head over to the Billing page to add your SSO Add-on to your plan.

β„Ή The SSO add-on is available for all plans at a fixed price of $4k / year.

Next, you'll have to connect your SSO provider. You can do this right from the Billing page, by clicking "Connect SSO".

Or navigate to the integrations page and under the SSO category, find Duo and click "Setup".

Next, search and select Duo from the list of providers. Once you do, you'll get the step-by-step instructions to fully configure it.

Follow the detailed instructions to complete your setup.

How to use it?

With your setup complete, go to Settings β†’ Rights in your Dashboard, and under the "User authentication method" pick the "Single Sign-on" option to enable it on your account.

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