To publish your Experiences and reap in-product success first, you'll have to pick a plan. With Chameleon, you have three plan options that you can choose from, depending on your company size and needs.

You can see a breakdown of Chameleon's current pricing plans on our Pricing page.

Chameleon plans overview

The Chameleon plans are:

  • Startup - for small teams looking to get started with in-product Experiences.

  • Growth - for small companies looking to drive fast ROI.

  • Enterprise - for large organizations with complex in-product needs.

Note: the plan prices above are based on 2,000 MTUs.

How we price plans

Chameleon's plans address several types of company needs and monthly usage. We calculate your monthly costs by counting your monthly MTUs and charge you according to the maximum number of MTUs in each billing period.

Chameleon will start counting your MTUs once you successfully install the code snippet. You can keep a close eye on your monthly MTUs and subscription costs by checking your current user count from your Chameleon Dashboard.

🎯 If you want to get a quick impression of how MTUs impact your Chameleon monthly costs check our MTUs slider, on our Plans Page, for a realistic estimation tied to your monthly user count.

Plan-wide perks

With Chameleon, you can create in-product Experiences that look native, feel contextual, and drive adoption. You can achieve this regardless of your plan, with:

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