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Know what's possible with the Chameleon API before diving in

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Find the complete documentation regarding the Chameleon API on our Developer Hub.


The Chameleon API is a compounded group made of three interfaces: a JavaScript API, a REST API, and a group of Webhooks. You can use these to interact with Chameleon by pushing or pulling data to achieve more with our product and create custom integrations that fit your use cases.

You can interact with our API to:

  • Send data to Chameleon: This can include letting Chameleon know when a user completes an action, or when their profile changes (e.g. they become paid.) You can remove/delete user data, opt a user out of Chameleon Experiences, and send variables for users to use within the copy of any Experience (e.g. user first names).

  • Get data from Chameleon: You can download data from Chameleon (e.g. responses to Microsurveys) periodically or forward Chameleon-tracked events (e.g. Tour completed) in real-time to your database, data warehouse, or other tools. You can also do things like download a list of all users, segments, Experiences, etc., or get all the stats on a particular Experience.

  • Manage Experiences: You can use the Chameleon API to show a Tour or Launcher, or approve many domains within your product to show Chameleon Experiences.

Our API is straightforward, flexible, and designed with RESTful intentions. It is consistent in its application of parameters/options and paginates with cursors.

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