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Know the Chameleon lingo to use it at it's full potential.

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You can achieve in-product success with Chameleon when you efficiently leverage its features. Browse the Chameleon Glossary to elevate your product knowledge.

Here is a list of the most commonly used terms in Chameleon.

Quick access

→ The profile picture of the person using your Chameleon account; this shows up throughout the Dashboard, is available as a filter, and can leverage Gravatar. Learn more about Avatars in Chameleon.

Using the presence or absence of an on-page element to show your Experiences to your users.

→ A group of domains and (or) subdomains that have the Chameleon snippet installed and are grouped together. Learn more about Environments from this article.

→ A Tour, Tooltip, Launcher, or Microsurvey that you create with Chameleon.

→ A Launcher component, that can be an external URL, a script code, or a Chameleon Tour or Microsurvey. Multiple Items built up your Launcher content, and you can add descriptions as well. Read more about Launcher Items.

MTUs (Monthly Tracked Users)

→ All unique user profiles that are sent to Chameleon, from any source that is linked to your account, within the last 30 days. Read this article to learn more.

→ Setting an Experience to be displayed after it is triggered by a user action, such as a click, hover, or delay.

→ Setting whether your Tour or Microsurvey should repeat and how often, after it has been exited or completed. 💡 Recurrence is subsequent to any Dismiss options.

→ A custom user group that you create in Chameleon and can further define using filters, with data collected automatically by Chameleon, data you send through our API, or data that you send from connected Integrations.

→ An individual prompt, notification, or message that you build as part of a Tour or a Microsurvey. You can learn more about Steps from this article.

→ A Chameleon Tour Step that is configured to serve a specific use case; it leverages your brand style and retains configurations such as shroud, dismiss, formatting, etc. Learn how to create Tour Templates.

👀 Templates are coming soon to all Experiences.

→ Adding specific URL parameters to control where a Chameleon Experience should display.

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