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The Chameleon HelpBar
The Chameleon HelpBar

Learn what's possible with the HelpBar and how to add it to your product

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The Chameleon HelpBar is a powerful 'Spotlight Search' that you can add to your product to enable users to find answers or navigate your product easily. Connect help documentation, add custom content from your app, or specific guides to help your users find answers that match their needs, challenges, or expertise.

HelpBar can impact your product's adoption and deepen users' knowledge, as you present them with a familiar pattern that helps them overcome blockages faster, more accurately, and with specific guides.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

βš™οΈ Configure from the Dashboard

πŸ“ Integrates well with Intercom, Zendesk, Help Scout, ReadMe, Document360

The HelpBar works as a 'Spotlight Search' that users can launch from your app. You can connect to it your knowledge base, developer docs, as well as specific user-generated content from your app. And better enable self-serve journeys, reduce friction for new signups or deepen the knowledge of power users.

πŸ‘‰ Here is a breakdown of how HelpBar works:

  • add different types of content, depending on your needs;

  • allow users to navigate your app -- add product pages and choose in-app navigation;

  • add Pins -- 'sticky resources' that are always visible when the HelpBar launches;

  • works great with public and some private Help Centers -- if it's searchable your users will be able to access it;

  • target your content to specific Segments or companies -- keep your results always relevant to users;

  • set content Collections that show up on specific pages (defined with URL rules);

  • launch 'Additional Actions' - scheduling modals, demos, chats, all in your app

  • different Triggers available -- users can launch it from a 'Smart Widget, a custom image, an element in your app, a button, a keyboard command, or your Launchers.

You can configure your HelpBar in the Dashboard and add content, pick the audience, pin your resources, set your Triggers, and publish it in your product.

πŸ‘‡ Explore the HelpBar configuration options you have in your Dashboard:

We continue to develop the HelpBar so users from around the space are better equipped with knowledge; and product folks can focus on maintaining their knowledge base up-to-date and their products moving fast.

πŸ‘€ Here's what's coming to the HelpBar via your Dashboard:

  • the ability to add launch a Walkthrough -- allow users to launch a Chameleon Tour from the HelpBar;

  • analytics view for searches -- see the top searches and searches with no results;

You can use it in Chameleon to search for help resources, but also to find and navigate to Experiences, Segments, or other configurations in the Dashboard. Or get quick answers from our AI, by asking a question directly in the HelpBar.

The HelpBar enables everyone to find and access resources quickly, and in a comfortable manner. Open it with CMD+K or CTRL+K, or find it in the Dashboard. And as we're all users of different products we're dedicated to making our collective experience smoother and easier.

πŸ‘‡ Discover how the HelpBar boosts your flow in Chameleon

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