Chameleon allows you to integrate Zendesk in the following ways:

  • Start a Chameleon Product Tour/Walkthrough from your Zendesk Guide, Chat, or Support tools

  • Open a Zendesk knowledge base article from a Chameleon Experience (e.g. button in Tour, or item in Launcher)

  • Start Zendesk in-product chat or open the Zendesk web widget (to search your knowledge base) from a Chameleon Experience

These methods allow you to better connect your existing help desk content within Zendesk with targeted, in-product, native-looking Experiences you build with Chameleon.

Starting a Chameleon Tour from Zendesk

To start a Chameleon Tour from a help article, or via a chat message, or from a saved reply (macro) you can simply use the permalink/shortlink available for any Manual Tour.

To generate a unique link for any Tour, ensure that the Delivery Method is set to Manual, enter the page URL where this Tour will begin (where the user should be redirected to upon clicking the Tour Link) and then ensure the Tour is activated Live.

👉 Learn more about how to do this here

Opening a Zendesk article from a Chameleon Experience

You can open a Zendesk article in a new tab from a button within a Chameleon Tour, or Microsurvey, or from an Item within your Launcher, by simply setting the button action to "Load URL". You can then add the URL and configure it to open in a new tab:

👉 Learn more about how to use button actions here

Note: you can also personalize which URL loads for which user, by inserting dynamic variables. Learn about that here.

Launching Zendesk Search or Chat from a Chameleon Experience

Instead of opening a specific article, you may want to give your users the option to start a chat with your team, or to search your full knowledge base.

You can open the Zendesk web widget from a button or Launcher Item by simply setting the action to be "Run code" and adding the following script:

zE('webWidget', 'open');

You can also use any other methods or parameters in the function, as outlined here. This could involve pre-populating a message in chat, or including a search query within the widget, to automatically show relevant articles.

Note: we are working on a more native version of this integration such that even this small code script is not necessary and can be handled via a simple UI. If you use Zendesk and want to participate in a beta for this integration please let us know!

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