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How to connect Chameleon and Zendesk

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With Zendesk, you can ensure your users' needs are met right where they matter most, in your product. You can integrate Zendesk with Chameleon to leverage your knowledge base and your team's expertise and help users learn more about your product.

Guide users to be more successful with dynamic in-app engagement, which includes chats, answering questions with AI, or displaying specific documentation to deepen user knowledge.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to use in Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers

βš™οΈ Enable from the Dashboard

✚ Pairs well with HelpBar

With our Zendesk integration, you enable users to learn more about your app while they actively use it. Launch your documentation in-app, or start a chat with specific users to help unblock them quicker. Or, allow users to start a Chameleon Tour from Zendesk Guide, Chat, or Support tools.

This enables you to respond to users' questions with resources that you've worked hard to put together and maintain over time.

Use Zendesk with the HelpBar to enable any article to be surfaced with a simple search, when users need more help. To make it even smoother, enable AI answers for your private center to provide quick answers to users' most common questions.

You can enable the Zendesk integration in a few minutes and have your docs ready to be launched in your app. Search the integrations page in your Dashboard for Zendesk to enable it and authorize the connection between your Zendesk account and Chameleon.

Once you enable the integration, you'll be able to:

  • link your help center -- to launch documents & chat from a button click

  • add your knowledge base to HelpBar -- to surface documentation in your app

Once you enable the integration in the Dashboard Zendesk will be available as an additional Action whenever you build any Chameleon Experience.

Configure your buttons to launch your Zendesk documentation in a new tab or your Zendesk chat in-app. You can also add Zendesk to your Launchers and show the same useful resources to users by demand. Simply add it as you would add any item, and configure what you want to show.

This can be very useful to:

  • teach users about new features as they discover them

  • provide more context when users need help

  • prompt users to learn more about key features

Build your Experience as usual and further configure the Zendesk Action. Choose the Open Help Center option to connect users to your well-written documentation in a new tab.

You can choose to either:

  • launch a specific query in your Help Center - enter a keyword that will return relevant articles;

  • or launch a specific article or section - enter the link of a Help doc or section in your Help Center.

πŸ’‘ You can also show your Zendesk documentation from your Launcher, by using the 'Link Item'. Paste in your help center's URL, or the one from a specific article and set it to open in a new tab.

Or, pick to Open the Chat modal as soon as users engage with a button or a Launcher item. You can leverage this option to guide users who need more help and are used to more dynamic support options.

β„Ή With this option, Chameleon will refer to the Zendesk instance that's installed on the current page. Ensure that Zendesk is installed in your product before.

πŸ‘‰ Zendesk has updated its core API, if you are using Zendesk Webwidget Classic this may affect your ability to leverage Chameleon's Zendesk integration. For more information please have a look at Zendesks Core API.

To start a Chameleon Tour from a help article, via a chat message, or from a saved reply (macro) you can simply use the sharing link option available for any Walkthrough Tour.

To generate a unique link for your Tour, ensure that it is a Walkthrough Tour, enter the page URL where this Tour will begin (where the user should be redirected to when clicking the Tour Link), and then ensure the Tour is Live.

To enable users to access your knowledge base articles in-app, you can connect your help center to the HelpBar and publish it live to users. This enables any user to search across your entire documentation and access specific docs (and not just docs πŸ˜‰) in your app, to move faster and be more successful with your product.

✨ You can enable both public and private searches for your Zendesk knowledge base and choose the audience for your HelpBar.

Combine your well-written content with AI Answers and allow users to get answers to the most common question with a simple '?' in your HelpBar.

πŸ‘€ Additional Actions are coming to the HelpBar soon!

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