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Zendesk integration: user guide
Zendesk integration: user guide
How to connect Chameleon and Zendesk
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With Zendesk, you can ensure your users' needs are met right where they matter most, in your product. You can integrate Zendesk with Chameleon, and leverage it in a few useful ways:

  • Start a Chameleon Product Tour/Walkthrough from your Zendesk Guide, Chat, or Support tools

  • Open a Zendesk knowledge base article or section from a Chameleon Experience (e.g. button in Tour, or item in Launcher)

  • Start Zendesk in-product chat from a Chameleon Experience

These methods allow you to better connect your existing Zendesk help content with the targeted, in-product, native-looking Experiences you build with Chameleon.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to use in Tours Tooltips Microsurveys, Launchers*

βš™οΈ Enable from the Dashboard

Quick access

To start a Chameleon Tour from a help article, via a chat message, or from a saved reply (macro) you can simply use the sharing link available for any Walkthrough Tour.

To generate a unique link for your Tour, ensure that it is a Walkthrough Tour, enter the page URL where this Tour will begin (where the user should be redirected to when clicking the Tour Link), and then ensure the Tour is Live for.

You can configure your Experience buttons to launch an additional Action, which will open your Zendesk documentation in a new tab.

This can be very useful to:

  • teach users about new features as they discover them

  • provide more context when users need help

  • prompt users to learn more about key features

To use this option, you'll first need to link your Help Center in the Chameleon Dashboard. Go to the Zendesk Integrations page, and paste in your Center's URL in the last field.

Next, go ahead and build your Experience as usual, and for your CTA button, configure the Zendesk Action. Choose the Open Help Center option to connect users to your well-written documentation, in a new tab.

πŸ’‘ Open your knowledge base and let users explore, or choose to show specific pages in it. We like to be flexible. πŸ˜‰

You can choose to either:

  • launch a specific query in your Help Center - enter a keyword that will return relevant articles;

  • or launch a specific article or section - enter the link of a Help doc or section in your Help Center.

Once you set this, every button click will also open your help resources in a new tab.

πŸ’‘ Use this integration to instantly communicate the benefits of your improvements, but also address blockages and provide education for more complex features when it's most relevant for users to learn.

Launch your Zendesk documentation from your Launcher, by simply setting using the "Link Item". You can then paste in your Help Center's URL and set it to open in a new tab:

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about using button Actions from this article.

πŸ’‘ You can also personalize which URL loads for which user, by inserting dynamic variables. This makes for a better user experience and ensures your messages are on-point.

Instead of opening a specific article, you may want to give your users the option to start a chat with your team or to search your full knowledge base.

πŸ’‘ Using this option, Chameleon will refer to the Zendesk instance that's installed on the current page.

To use this, first go to the Dashboard to confirm Zendesk is installed in your product.

Next, configure your Experience buttons to launch the chat modal as soon as users engage with them. Under the Zendesk additional Action, choose the Open Chat option.

Now, each time a user clicks your button, your Zendesk chatbot will open up for quick support. You can leverage this option to guide users who need more help and are used to more dynamic learning methods.

πŸ‘€ We're working to bring additional Actions to Launchers soon.

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