With Chameleon's Typeform integration, you can show Microsurveys and polls from buttons within Chameleon Experiences.

Setup & Usage

This integration doesn't require any form of set-up or initial configuration.

To get started embedding Typeform into your Chameleon Experiences, all you need is a live Typeform Microsurvey or poll and a Chameleon button, from where it will be triggered.

Once the integration is enabled, you can configure any button within a product tour step to launch a Typeform. To do so, select the button and define Typeform from the Additional actions option.

You will then be able to indicate the Typeform URL (found within the Share section of your Typeform Microsurvey) and the positioning of the embed on the page. Three positions are possible:

  • Popup

  • Drawer from left

  • Drawer from right

Note: To learn more about where to find the sharing options in your Typeform account, check out this Typeform help article

You can use this to let your users effortlessly take big-scale Microsurveys inside of your product when they are already engaged and in-context.

👉 Check out some inspirational examples of Typeforms.

⚠️ NOTE: We recommend ensuring the Button that opens the Typeform to be configured to 'Complete Tour' so that the Step is closed and the Tour is marked as completed. Otherwise the original Step may stay open, or if you set the Button to 'Dismiss Tour' the analytics will reflect that the user exited the Tour.

Personalize and send data to Typeform

Typeform allows data to be received via URL parameters. referenced as 'Hidden Fields'.

For example, with a Typeform URL https://tutorials.typeform.com/to/nzthWI, you can append 'Email' as a property by using https://tutorials.typeform.com/to/nzthWI#email=xxxxx where xxxxx is personalized for each user. You can read more about this here.

This makes for a better user experience, because your users do not have to manually enter data into the Typeform that you already have about them.

You can leverage this when opening a Typeform from a Chameleon Experience by sending any user attribute data you are already sending to Chameleon, also to Typeform.

To do this simply add the variable for that user attribute, e.g. {{user_email}} as part of the target Typeform link, e.g. https://tutorials.typeform.com/to/nzthWI#email={{user_email}}

This follows the pattern of how to user merge tags to personalize content and URLs within Chameleon. You can read more about that below.

Note: you can see which user attributes are being passed to Chameleon by entering them in the body field of a Step. Once you insert this variable into the Body, and Preview your Step, you will see the actual data for that variable display (for you, as the logged-in user.)


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