Tours are one part of the Chameleon product suite (alongside Tooltips, Microsurveys, and Launchers). Tours enable you to create a custom in-product experience using a sequence of Steps. 

For example, you can create a single modal or banner, or a three-step Tour explaining a workflow or feature.

Building Tours

Tours consist of:

  • Steps: the design, structure, and content of the actual Experience.

  • Delivery: the way that the Experience will be shown to the end-user; there are two types of delivery -- Automatic and Manual.

Once you're ready to show a Tour live to your users, you can activate it within the Review and activate section. Live Tours will display a green Live tag. 

Apply Edits

If you make any changes to Tours, these will be staged and not deployed until you hit the Apply Edits button. This way you can make changes but only publish them when you are ready. Until changes are deployed the Tour will show a yellow "Edited" label. 

Displaying Tours

Once you have built your Tour, it will show when the following conditions are met:

  • It is live (and relevant Edits have been applied)

  • Chameleon is installed on the page

  • The page URL matches the current step

  • For Automatic Tours: the user matches Target Audience

  • For Manual Tours: the user starts the Tour (via link / Launcher)

Automatic Tours will show once only per unique user (unless you change the Recurrence, or configure Dismiss to enable re-appearance). Manual Tours will show each time a user starts the Tour (by clicking the link or the Launcher item). 

If you are not able to see your Tour then please review common issues and work through our troubleshooting guide.

Analyzing Tours

Once your Tour is Live, all user interaction data will be automatically collected.

You can then view the results in your Chameleon Dashboard or within your analytics integrations.

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It is important that you set a goal for your Tour to help you determine whether it is succeeding.

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Organizing Tours

You can add tags to Tours and use these to categorize and filter Tours.

When seeing the list of Tours, you can filter your Tours by tags, or also by Live status, author, URL, etc.

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In case you want to reset the data associated with a Tour, the best way is to create a copy of the Tour and remove the old one. You can do this by hovering over the Tour when in the list of Tours view, and clicking Copy. This new Tour will have no history and can be shown to any targeted users (even if they have seen the original Tour it was duplicated from). 


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