Can I schedule my Experiences to go live?

Control when your Experiences are published or unpublished with Scheduling.

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To ensure an even more contextual delivery to your users, you can time your Chameleon Experiences to your brand efforts. Use our scheduling feature to control exactly when your Experiences should start displaying or stop appearing to your users.

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📺 Check out the video below to see how scheduling works in Chameleon.

Creating an Experience and setting it up for success are two different things. Scheduling is a core activity in your configuring workflow.

As you build your Tour or Microsurvey from the Chameleon Dashboard, access the Scheduling options in the final step of your configuration, under “Review & publish”. With each Experience, you’ll find helpful options to control how to display it to your users.

With Tours you’ll have a few core options when controlling the display time:

  • Publish your Tour right away.

  • Schedule your Tour to go live at a custom date in the future.

  • Set your Tour to be displayed forever.

  • Unpublish your Tour at a custom date in the future.

Combine these options to fit the timing and specific goal, so your Tour always hits the right spot.

For Microsurveys, you’ll have a key action to help hone in the right feedback: unpublishing after receiving a specific number of responses.

To make sure you keep the feedback high-signal use the unpublishing option to cover just the right amount of respondents for you. Confirm when you have everything set and get back to your day!

Once you've configured your Experience display life you will also see a confirmation on top, next to its name.

Scheduling Experiences helps you save time while coordinating in-product adoption efforts. Here's some advice from us to get you started:

  • Align your Tour or Microsurvey with active promotions, campaigns, or new feature launches.

  • Control the relevancy of your content by always aligning it to your product roadmap.

💡 Keep in mind that any brand efforts are relevant to your users when they are fresh and relatable.

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