Making a copy of your Chameleon Experiences can be useful when trying to save time, specific configurations, or content you already created.

You can copy or duplicate any Experience you create, or individual Steps, with a few clicks from the Dashboard.

Note: We are going over how to copy a Tour in this instance, but the same action applies to all Experiences.

Duplicating an Experience in the Dashboard

It's easy to create an Experience duplicate in Chameleon -- simply go to the specific Experience you want to copy, click on the Actions dropdown, and hit 'Duplicate'.

When you do this, Chameleon will create a new Tour (in this example) with the same title, but appended with "(Copy)".

The copied Experience will be in Draft mode, regardless of the status of the original one. It will also not carry any analytics from the one it was copied from so that you can use it to start afresh. 😉

Why would I need to copy an Experience?

Creating a duplicate of an already built Experience is useful in many scenarios. For example, you may want to:

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