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Defining and using Tour conversion goals
Defining and using Tour conversion goals

Know how to track events in your product to help analyze whether a Tour successfully met your objective

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Chameleon's goal is to enable you to build, manage, and optimize your in-product experiences without code, to help create successful users.Β 

Tracking events in your product and directly correlating these with a Tour's success plays a big role in understanding the impact these in-product experiences play on your product's success.

Note: Tracking Tour conversion using Goals is only available at the Growth Plan level. If you'd like to have access to this feature, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the best options for you.

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To measure the effectiveness of your Tour, you can use Tour completion metrics -- what proportion of users that started a Tour, that completed it, etc. This is a good proxy to whether a user was engaged in the Tour, which you can access from the stats available in your Chameleon Dashboard.

However, the true measure is whether they acted on what they saw in the Chameleon Tour. This will give you a more true picture of whether seeing a Tour led to increased engagement.Β 

Accordingly, you should build your Tours around very specific single goals, as this will help you focus and more easily review effectiveness.

Note: We recommend many smaller Tours, each with its own specific objective (e.g. "take this action"), over long tours with a vague goal (e.g. "reducing churn").

An easy way to get a clear picture of whether your Tours are leading your users to action is to define a goal.

A goal is an event that you send to Chameleon so that it can be tracked and help you understand whether the user acted upon completing the Tour.

Sending events to Chameleon is simple: you can either use our API or leverage one of the many integrations we have available to pipe the events you have defined there.

Once you're sending to Chameleon the events you want to track, you're all set to define your goal! You can access this configuration from the moment you're creating your Tour, under Define a measurable goal.

Now that you have your Tour set up with a measurable goal, you can assess how it is performing from the Chameleon Dashboard, by leveraging the different data visualizations provided there, particularly, the Goals section.

Here, you will be able to see the percentage of all users that started the Tour and met your goal (as a baseline, although this includes those that saw a Tour). You will also be able to extract this data to a .CSV file or to your Google Drive.

You can also evaluate this within your analytics platform, using Chameleon native integrations or API to send data about Tour engagement. You can then create a funnel that contains a Tour started or Tour completed event followed by the objective event of the Tour.Β 

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