How to use dismiss?

Choose between a cross/button or text and set whether an Experience is exited, or snoozed

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It's a general best practice to allow users to delay or exit your Experiences if they're not ready to engage with them. In Chameleon, you can configure whether an Experience should be dismissed by a user and, if so, what should happen next.Β 

🀝 You should avoid interrupting a user that's focused on using your product. Allow them to dismiss an Experience they're not ready to take and learn more later.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to enable better Tours, Microsurveys, Embeddables*, Launchers*

βš™οΈ Configure from the Builder

Configuring your Dismiss

With any Tour, Embeddable, or Microsurvey you create, you can enable users to exit or snooze it by using the "Dismiss" option. Find it in the Interactions section of the Builder and access multiple configurations, such as:

  • Choosing a dismiss Type: cross or text.

  • Setting its Position: outside right, or left; inside right, or left

  • Adjusting its Color and size: select from a palette pulled from your page, or insert a HEX code; change the size for both types of dismiss.

  • Configure a Timed Dismiss: adding a timed delay (in seconds) to your dismiss with the possibility to display the timer.

  • Action: exit or snooze the Experience.

β„Ή In the case of Embeddables, you can set the Dismiss to snooze your Banners but not your Cards. If you add a Dismiss on your Cards, users will exit them.

✨ You can use both the Dismiss component, as well as buttons to allow users to snooze or exit your Experience. For example, you can set the Dismiss to exit a Tour, and the button as a "Remind me later" that snoozes it. This way, you create better user expectations around what happens after they engage with your Tour. Learn more about using buttons in Chameleon.

β„Ή If you set both the buttons & the Dismiss to snooze your Experience, the configurations you set will be shared between these components.

When adding a dismiss option, there are two things to configure: the action and its appearance.

Dismiss action

This setting will ultimately depend on your expected outcome -- do you want your users to go through this Experience later on, or do you want it to be exited altogether? You have both options here:

  • Exit
    Users will not see that Experience again, even if they match all the remaining conditions (e.g. URL rules, being part of a user Segment, etc.).

  • Snooze
    Users will see that Experience again after a set period of time. You can define this period of time and, optionally, indicate how many times it should re-appear until it stops showing altogether. When a Snooze expires on a Tour, the segmentation will be re-assessed and the Tour only shows to users that currently match the Segment conditions.

  • Timed Dismiss
    You can also set the Experience to be dismissed after a set number of seconds, with the option to show the time progression to your users as well. This creates better expectations for users.

    With timed-dismiss users will stop the timer if they engage with your Experience, in any way, like clicking or hovering on the Experience, or typing in the input field.

πŸ‘‰ Snoozing is separate from Recurrence, which defines the frequency you automatically display a Tour to a user. Read more about how 'snooze' takes precedence over Recurrence settings.

Dismiss appearance

Configuring the appearance of your dismiss option involves altering the dismiss type, position, and color:

  • Type
    You can choose between having a cross or custom text for your dismiss option. Custom text can be helpful to set expectations when snoozing an Experience; you can, for example, set the text to "later", "not now", or "remind me tomorrow".

  • Position
    You can set the Dismiss to show on the outside right/left or inside right/left side of your canvas.

  • Size

    Change the size of your dismiss cross or text.

  • Color
    You can change the color of your dismiss option by selecting from a palette pulled from your page or inserting a HEX code.

Dismissing a Launcher Welcome State

In the case of Launchers, you users can dismiss the Welcome State that introduces the menu of items that await them. From the Builder, you can configure the:

  • style

  • position

  • color

  • size

πŸ’‘ As Launchers are ever-present guiding menus, your users can only minimize the Welcome State until they're ready to be introduced to your Launcher. They can't exit it for a re-display at a later date.

Once they complete the welcome CTA, the Launcher will be there to guide them every step of the way.

Showing another Experience upon dismiss

You can also configure another Experience to show when a user exits a given Experience. This could be useful, for example, to show a CSAT Microsurvey to measure your user's satisfaction with an onboarding Tour. To do this:

  1. Create the Experience you wish the user to see upon dismissing this one

  2. In the user Segment for that Tour, add a "Chameleon Tour Events" or "Chameleon Microsurvey Events" filter

  3. In that filter, select the name of this Tour, and set the operators as "Was" and "Exited".

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