An essential component of successful product Experiences is how you guide users to take action on your prompted communication.

In this lesson, you'll learn what actions you can prompt your users to take and how they can interact with your Experiences.

Your users can interact with your Experiences:

  • to act further via a button action,

  • or to dismiss, snooze, or exit it.

Powerful button actions

With all Experiences, you can use buttons to direct users and trigger additional actions to help both of you. Use buttons to help your users progress and engage in further key actions.

You can leverage buttons to trigger actions such as:

  • moving the user to the next step,

  • dismissing or snoozing the Experience,

  • navigating to a different page,

  • opening another integration (e.g. Calendly modal),

  • running custom code,

  • updating user data.

💡 Each action should be linked to your Experience goal and help your user take the next action to succeed.

👉 Check out the video below on how you can configure buttons in Chameleon:

🎯 You can find here a detailed list of actions that you can launch from buttons.

When to dismiss, snooze, or just progress?

What to do with those users who have their mind set on an action or want to discover your product on their own? You allow them to re-engage with your Experiences when they're ready.

For each Experience, you can allow your user to ignore it, and you can set what happens next as well. 😉 By setting up the Dismiss option, you allow your users to skip, pause, or revisit your Experience at a later time.

👉 Watch the video below to learn more about configuring your Dismiss option on your Experiences:

You can also allow users to progress or dismiss an Experience without buttons or the Dismiss option. Read more about setting this up in this article.

💡 Pro tip: avoid interrupting a user that's focused on using your product. Allow him to dismiss an Experience if it's not the best time for it. This is a great way to let users learn about your product later in their own time.

🎯 Dismiss options take precedence over the defined Recurrence setting. This is because when your users snooze a Tour, they haven't completed or exited it, so they will still be in the Tour.

If you want to have a Tour show only once, when setting the Tour NOT to repeat after exited or completed, make sure that the Tour has a clear way to be completed and that any dismiss options are exiting the Tour and not snoozing it.

🎓 Chameleon Tips

Configure another Experience to show when a user exits a given Experience.

This could be useful, for example, to show a CSAT Microsurvey to measure your user's satisfaction with an onboarding Tour. To do this:

  1. Create the Experience you wish the user to see upon dismissing the first one.

  2. In the target audience for that Tour, add a "Chameleon Tour Events" or "Chameleon Microsurvey Events" filter.

  3. In that filter, select the name of this Tour, and set the operators as "Was" and "Exited".

👉 Next up, learn how to use Chameleon's analytics to create and deliver better Experiences.

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