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Using Rate Limiting to manage Experiences' frequency
Using Rate Limiting to manage Experiences' frequency

Throttle or restrict how frequently Experiences show to your users

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The key to establishing in-product Experiences as an effective communication channel with your users is to avoid overwhelming or pestering them with the same Experiences.

You may have users that fall into multiple target audiences and they could be shown too many Chameleon Experiences in quick succession. You can restrict this with our Rate Limiting (also known as Experience Throttling) functionality.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for Growth & Enterprise plans

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό Available for "Admins" & "Publishers" (if Roles are enabled)

πŸ“ Ready to use with Tours & Microsurveys

πŸ“© Contact: to discuss your plan needs

πŸ“Ί You can watch the video below for a quick overview of Rate Limiting in Chameleon.

It's normal to target the same users with multiple Experiences. But the secret to in-product guidance is making sure your users have a delightful, blockage-free flow, and not distract them with too many 'asks'.

With Rate Limiting, you can take control over how many Experiences your users will see over a period of time. When creating your Rate Limiting rule, you can target:

  • All Experiences (Tours + Microsurveys)

  • All Microsurveys

  • All Tours (applies only to Announcement Tours)

  • Tours and Microsurveys with specific Tags

  • Individually selected Experiences

When you set a Rate Limit, all active Experiences will automatically be considered for limited display. But you will still be able to manually exclude some of these to make sure all critical information reaches your users πŸ˜‰

β„Ή Rate limiting takes priority over all other settings (Recurrence, snoozing, etc). and takes into account unique Experiences, not "views" of Experiences.

πŸ‘‰ Be mindful of combining Rate Limiting with Recurrence -- for example, a Rate Limit of 4 active Experiences (e.g. 3 Tours and a Microsurvey) combined with Recurrence, could limit 4 recurring Experiences on page load at a time, and then show nothing to your users for the rest of the month. You can use a time-based Recurrence and set a Dismiss option to "Snooze", so users can engage with your Experiences repeatedly in a specific time frame.

The audiences that you pick for your Rate Limits, will not impact the specific Segments you set for Experiences. It's just an option to be able to include everyone, or just select users while creating a Rate Limit.

β„Ή Rate Limiting is not applicable for Walkthrough Tours that are shown when the user manually engages them (e.g. via Launcher or Links). It's the same case with Tooltips, which always show when triggered manually.

β„Ή Microsurveys have a higher priority than Tours. If you add a Rate Limit for All Experiences, all Microsurveys will be checked to see if they should be shown before Tours are checked.

You can configure multiple Rate Limits for specific Experiences and Segments and set the frequency for Experiences to be shown to users over a period of time (e.g. 1 Tour per hour).

β„Ή Experiences that are dismissed, or snoozed will still be included as part of the Rate Limiting you set – so will only show again once Rate Limiting no longer applies to that user.

When Rate Limiting is applied, users that have seen the set number of Experiences in the timeframe established will not be shown any subsequent Experiences until the Rate Limiting time period is over.

If your account gets busy, you may want to create multiple rules and exclusions to maintain a pleasant experience for your users.

πŸ‘‰ Let's see a simple example where you want to ensure your users complete essential guidance, without feeling overwhelmed by other messages.

You can create 2 Rate Limits:
- One for all Experiences and all users that will display 2 Experiences/ day.
- The second one for Tours tagged "onboarding" that applies to all users and displays 1/ day.

Chameleon will assess your Experiences and ensures all your users will see a maximum of 2 Experiences/ day, and one of them will be part of the Onboarding Tag. Which one of them, if you have multiple Tours live, tagged for onboarding? Check the Tour priority you have in the Dashboard; you can adjust this easily. πŸ˜‰

❢ If a user dismisses your onboarding Tour one day, he will see another Experience that you have live and lined up for him (based on the Tour/Survey priority you have in the Dashboard). Even if he didn't complete your Tour, he still engaged with it, so the Rate Limit will apply. The Tour that is snoozed, it will show up based on the settings you set.

❷ Another user might engage with your first onboarding Tour and he'll be eligible to see the next onboarding Tour on the list, the next day. The second Experience that he'll see today, will be the same, based on the priority you have set for them.

This helps you deliver unique user experiences that respond to the same needs - using and continuing to discover your product.

You can add a new Rate Limit by clicking the "+ New Rate Limit" button on the Rate Limiting section within your Dashboard.

Give it a title and decide what set of Experiences you want to limit from the drop-down list. Most commonly, you'll apply these limits to your entire audience of users but you can also configure a specific Segment you want these Experiences limited to, while not limiting others.

Finally, add in the number of times you want them to show over a period of time by setting the Frequency and Period.

Once the set frequency has been reached, none of the selected Experiences will display until the time period has passed. Your users will thankfully use your product and engage with your live Experiences. 😌

For critical Experiences that Rate Limits should never apply to (e.g. Status Alerts), you can click the "🚫 Add exclusion" button below the Rate Limits panel and prevent that Experience from ever being limited.

Pick an individual Tour or Microsurvey from the drop-down list and that Experience will not be considered within the pool of Rate Limited Experiences. When an excluded Experience is shown to the user, it does not count against any active limits set.

🀝 We recommend that you only add exclusions for the most crucial or important Experiences.

Although the Rate Limiting functionality is not available for Startup plans, you can still control the frequency of your Experiences with Segment filters.

You can filter users when building a Segment and control the delivery of another Experience, based on their interaction with past Tours. From Default properties use the "Last Tour time" filters to define specific audiences who, for example:

  • should see only 1 Tour/week by using "is not within the last 7 days";

  • completed a Tour before "a specific date" and should see a Micorsurvey;

  • haven't seen a feature announcement Tour yet and should see more info, by using "is not within the last x days"

By using this filter, you can create different Segments and ensure each one sees a specific number of Tours, thus not overwhelming them with everything.

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