Note: this functionality is only available on the Growth or Enterprise plan; feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

The key to establishing in-product as an effective channel to communicate with your users is to avoid overwhelming or pestering them with experiences. You may have users that fall into multiple target audiences and could therefore be shown too many Chameleon experiences in quick succession, but you can restrict this with our Rate Limiting (also known as Experience Throttling) functionality. 

The scope of Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting can apply to two kinds of Experiences: Tours, and Microsurveys. When creating your Rate Limiting rule, you can target:

  • All Experiences (Tours + Microsurveys)

  • Microsurveys only

  • Tours only (delivered Automatically)

  • Tours and Microsurveys with specific Tags

  • Individually selected Experiences

All such Experiences will automatically be considered for Rate Limiting, but you will be able to manually exclude some of these. 

💡 Note: Rate Limiting is not applicable for Tours that are delivered Manually (e.g. via Launcher or Links) or to Tooltips (which always show when triggered manually). 

💡 Second Note: Microsurveys are higher priority than Tours. If you are Rate Limiting All Experiences, all microsurveys will be checked to see if they should be shown before tours are checked.

You can configure multiple rate limits for advanced targeting of your Experiences by user segments, and set the frequency you want those Experiences to be shown to users over a period of time (e.g. 1 Tour per hour).

Here's a short overview of how Rate Limiting works:

When Rate Limiting is applied, users that have seen the set number of Experiences in the timeframe established will not be shown any subsequent Experiences until the Rate Limiting time period is over.

Tours that are deferred, dismissed, or snoozed will still be included as part of the Rate Limiting – so will only show again once Rate Limiting no longer applies to that user. 

Configuring Rate Limiting

Note: For accounts with roles enabled, only Admins may adjust Rate Limiting settings.

You can add a new Rate Limit by clicking the "+ New Rate Limit" button on the Rate Limiting section within your Dashboard. Give it a title and decide what set of Experiences you want to limit. Most commonly, you'll apply these limits to your entire audience of users but you can also configure a specific Segment you want these Experiences limited to, while not limiting others. Add in the number of times you want them to show over a period of time by setting the Frequency and Period.

Once the set frequency has been reached, none of the selected Experiences will display until the time period has elapsed.


For critical Experiences that Rate Limits should never apply to (e.g. Status Alerts), you can click the "🚫 Add exclusion" button below and prevent that Experience from ever being limited.

Excluded Experiences are not considered within the pool of Rate Limited Experiences. When an excluded Experience is shown to the user, it does not count against any currently set limits.

Note: We recommend that you only add exclusions for the most crucial or important Experiences. 

Availability by plan

  • Startup plan: not available

  • Growth plan: up to 2 separate Rate Limits

  • Enterprise plan: unlimited Rate Limits

If you'd like to gain access to (more) Rate Limits feel free to email us or speak with your CSM.

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