With Chameleon, you can configure buttons and media components to launch up to 4 Additional actions, aside from helping users progress through your Experiences. This way, you can create complex flows tying in more Experiences, bring in your Integrations, and send user data to your Dashboard.

💡 You can also use Additional Actions to customize your product guidance with contextual actions depending on how users interact with your Experiences.

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How do Additional actions work in Chameleon?

Additional actions are specific actions that you cat set to trigger when a user clicks an Experience button, or a media component (an image or a GIF).

You can add these for Tours, Microsurveys, and Tooltips. And you can configure them from the Interactions section of the Builder under Additional actions, from the Primary and Secondary buttons, and respectively the Media section.

What Additional Actions can I trigger?

There are 4 different action types you can launch in Chameleon, and you can set up one of each type for each component of your Experience - for each button and media.

Product Navigation

  • Open URL: set a URL to load when a user clicks the button or image (can be set to open in a new tab).

Note: the Step will only show if it matches the current URL. If a subsequent Step's URL trigger does not match the redirect based on this action, that Step will not show.

💡 Tip: You can also use a "mailto" link to open the user's email client with a pre-populated address (for example mailto:email@domain.com).

  • Click element: an element on the page will be automatically clicked when a user hits the button or image. Great for redirecting users without using URLs. Learn more about how Chameleon identifies elements.

Trigger Experience

  • Start Tour: directly begin another Chameleon Tour. You can string together different Live Tours. Chameleon will ignore here any Trigger conditions set for the first Step of the Tour (e.g. click a button).

🎯 If a Tour is anchored to an element on a specific page, add another Additional Action to redirect to the correct URL.

  • Start Microsurvey: start a Chameleon Microsurvey when the button or image is clicked, to collect feedback. Chameleon will ignore in this case any Trigger conditions for the Microsurvey (e.g. click an icon).

  • Typeform: configure a Typeform pop-up to collect user feedback once they perform an action. Add in the Typeform URL and set a convenient on-page position. Read more in our Typeform integration guide.

  • Calendly: show a Calendly modal to help users schedule a call with you. Add the URL to your Calendly event and let the communication flow. Read more in our Calendly integration guide.

  • Intercom: open the Intercom messenger window with a pre-filled message to help users start a conversation. Read more in our Intercom integration guide.

Run Custom Code

  • Run Custom Code: Run Javascript code to launch a custom action. This could include a back-end message, opening a custom dialogue window, or placing the cursor in a certain field, etc. See examples of this here.

Send data

  • Update Property: update or create a specific property for each user that clicks the button. Learn more about this feature, here.

  • Add Tag: assign an existing or a new User Tag to Tag every user who clicks the button. Learn how to Tag users from button actions, here.

👀 Coming soon: additional actions for Launcher Items.

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