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How can I integrate Chameleon with my tool stack?
How can I integrate Chameleon with my tool stack?

Learn how Chameleon blends in with your tools to boost data flow and improve your in-app guidance

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With Chameleon, you can leverage the power of your tool stack to create more powerful Experiences. Integrate the tools that already contribute to your success to create a better user experience.

Chameleon has a hefty stack of integrations that can send data to and from your account. Use this data to configure impactful Experiences and understand how they contribute to your goals.

Availability & Usage

🔐 Available for all plans *except for Salesforce & HubSpot

📍 Here for better Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers

⚙️ Find in the Dashboard

Quick access

Head over to the Integrations page in the Dashboard to check out what you can leverage in Chameleon and pick what you want to connect. See what you already use with your team, or discover useful additions that can boost your product adoption efforts.

For our native integrations, all it takes is a quick configuration in the Dashboard and you'll be able to leverage them instantly. On the Custom page, you can also add specific Integrations using our API, or webhooks.

Below, you'll find a list of integrations that you can configure from your Dashboard.

Data is best used when it’s effortlessly available. 😌 To make the best out of Chameleon’s targeting and personalization features, we recommend you connect a user data platform to help you leverage key user properties and events.

The tools to help you achieve this in Chameleon are:

To understand the impact of your Experience on your goals and how they impact users' behaviors, we encourage you to connect a specialist analytics provider to look at your product data. Use these integrations to track your native product events alongside Chameleon events.

Here are some tools to help you analyze your Experiences' performance:

Keeping up to date with everything customer-related is easier when you have the tools to streamline needs and contacts. You can make use of your CRM and communications app to make sure key user attributes and events are put to good use in Chameleon.

The Integrations to help you stay on top of client communications:

Here are some more tools that help create a seamless user experience that you can trigger from your Experiences. You can leverage these to connect users to specific resources, share upcoming updates, get feedback, or schedule meetings.

💡 You can also launch other native integrations from your Chameleon Experiences (e.g. HubSpot, Intercom); review the user guides for more details on how you can use each integration.

We know product adoption needs are complex and use-case specific. So if you haven’t found a native integration that will serve your purpose, you can create your own using:

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