Livestorm integration: user guide

Learn to set up and use Chameleon's Livestorm integration

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With Livestorm, you can enroll your users in your webinars from any Experience with a button click. Reduce sign-up friction and deliver insightful product events to select users to increase the quality and quantity of your event attendees.

You can configure Livestorm as a button action and enable users to register for your events in-app.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to power your Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys

βš™οΈ Connect from the Dashboard

Quick access

Livestorm is an all-in-one video communication platform that enables teams to meet, host, and attend webinars or events. You can use Livestorm for on-demand, live, or pre-recorded events, as well as landing pages, email follow-ups, or sharing video recordings.

Use Livestorm to enable users to sign-up for relevant events with a button click, without having to fill in their details. Smooth out their journey and improve your registration with contextual invites.

To enable user registration with Livestorm from your Experiences, go to the Livestorm integration page in the Dashboard and enable the integration first. Once you do, you'll find it in the Builder anytime you want to use it.

Next, head over to your Livestorm account to generate an API token. Here you'll also have to set Reading permissions for the Identity and Events resources. This enables Chameleon to identify the user and enroll them.

Add the token to the Livestorm page in your Chameleon Dashboard and you'll be set to go.

Use our Livestorm integration to register users to your events with a simple 'Sign up' click.

You can leverage the integration from a button (or a media component) with the additional Actions feature.

Select the Livestorm option and paste in your Livestorm Session ID from the event you want to promote. Next, every user who clicks your button will be enrolled in your event or webinar.

Find the correct Session ID by clicking the session options in Livestorm πŸ‘‡

πŸ’‘ Use the campaign parameters to help you better understand the efficiency of your efforts: utm_campaign, utm_source, and utm_medium.

β„Ή You need to send your users' email addresses to Chameleon, for us to be able to identify and enroll the right users.

Send a CSV file to your email or Google Drive to peruse all the attendees added by Chameleon.

Leverage our Livestorm integration to reduce friction and gain more interested event registrations. Inviting users to relevant events, as they engage with specific features will pique their interest to learn more. Make it even easier for them to attend, by reducing the sign-up friction.

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