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Chili Piper integration: user guide

Learn how to schedule meetings with customers inside your product with Chili Piper

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Use the Chili Piper integration to connect your customers to the right person on your team by booking a meeting in your product, when they need to.

Empower your users to ask questions and allow them to launch a scheduling modal to get their answers from your team.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to power Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers*JS Item

Quick access

Chili Piper is a meeting scheduling software that makes it easy for your customers to select a convenient time and book a meeting with your team.

Integrating Chili Piper with Chameleon means you can give your users the option to book meetings when they need it right in your app. This will positively impact how meetings are being booked and provide users with a better self-service experience:

  • They can launch the meeting scheduler inside your product/app; instead of opening a new tab or visiting another page.

  • You can prompt users to book a meeting in the right place, at the right time; you can do this at the end of a Tour, or when a user has (or has not) taken specific actions in the product.

  • Connect with your existing user data to show the right meeting options based on who the user is, or connect their activity inside the product to their meeting status.

To use Chili Piper with Chameleon, visit the Integrations page in the Dashboard and click "Configure" on the Chili Piper option.

Here, enable the "Chili Piper modals" toggle to be able to launch any Chili Piper scheduler within the Experiences you build with Chameleon, with the Additional Actions feature.

βš™οΈ You'll need to have Chili Piper installed in your app for this to work.

Below, add your Chili Piper account domain to enable concierge routing that enables your users to connect with specific members of your team. With Concierge, you can set different assignment queues and Chili Piper will pick up who on your team should get a meeting booked,

πŸ’‘ Learn more about creating queues for Concierge from Chili Piper.

Leverage your Experiences to connect your users to the people most equipped to help them out. Open a scheduling modal and allow users to book meetings from your product when it makes sense for them.

You can launch Chili Piper modals from Chameleon buttons or media components, using Additional Actions in your Tours, Tooltips, or Microsurveys; or use JS code Items to open modals from Launcher Items.

After you've set up the integration, simply build your Experience as usual. Select the component you want to launch this, and under "Additional Actions" select Chili Piper.

  • If you'll have the Concierge routing configured from the Dashboard, you can use the first input field to add a specific Router. You'll find the Router name in your Chili Piper Dashboard; Select the Concierge option, paste it in the Router name, and you're good to go.

Now, whenever a user clicks your button, a Chili Piper will search to see who on your team should get the meeting booked based on the user reaching out to you. A scheduling modal will show for a seamless user experience, with the right person on your team. πŸ˜‰

πŸš€ This option enables a dynamic meeting calendar that fills in the details of the user booking time with you, based on the configuration you have in Chili Piper. Chameleon requires the user's email at minimum, but if we receive the first or last name we'll also add that for better personalization.

  • You can also use the static URL of a Chili Piper queue or router and an open-for-all scheduling modal will trigger from your Chameleon Experience.

A queue meeting link will bring up the scheduling modal directed to a group of potential assignees based on specific rules you set up in Chili Piper.

πŸ’‘With this option, Chameleon creates an iFrame to display your scheduling modal and does not communicate with the Chili Piper API. In this case, you'll require a bit more diligence in keeping everything up to date in your Chili Piper account.

A router link is connected to Concierge and it maps the users connecting with you, updating their properties and connecting with specific teammates based on the rules you set up.

You can also open a Chili Piper scheduling modal directly from a Launcher Item. To do this, use the "Run JS code" option when selecting your Launcher Item and use the following code script:

ChiliPiper.submit(subdomain, router, options)

Replace subdomain, router, options variables based on your Chili Piper account and any other data you want to include in this API call. For example:

ChiliPiper.submit("chameleon", "inapp", {
firstname: window.userData.firstName,
lastname: window.userData.lastName,

To test if this is working, you can first add this script into your browser console and hit enter -- if the Chili Piper modal shows then your script is working. If not, we recommend that you review the contents of your script.

If the script works in the browser console then it will work when added to your Chameleon Launcher.

Note: This requires you to have included your Chili Piper JS snippet on your page. If you have not, you can also insert this into the "Embed field" of your Step. It should look something like this:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

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