Note: This integration is currently in beta and we hope to convert this to a more native UX in the upcoming months. If you use Chili Piper please email us to share what your use case is and what functionality you would find powerful.

Chili Piper is a meeting scheduling software that makes it easy for your customers to select a convenient time and book a meeting with your team.

Integrating Chili Piper with Chameleon means you are likely to increase the chances meetings are booked, and also provide users a better self-service experience:

  • Launch the meeting scheduler inside your product/app (instead of opening a new tab or visiting another page.)

  • Prompt users to book a meeting in the right place, at the right time; you can do this at the end of an announcement/walkthrough, or when a user has (or has not) taken specific actions in the product.

  • Connect with your existing user data to show the right meeting options based on who the user is, or connect their activity inside the product to their meeting status.

Launching a Chili Piper modal from a Chameleon Experience

You can open a Chili Piper scheduling modal from:

  • A button in a Chameleon Experience

  • A Launcher Item.

To do this, use the "Run JS code" option when selecting your button's additional action or Launcher Item and use the following code script:

ChiliPiper.submit(subdomain, router, options)

Replace subdomain, router, options are variables based on your Chili Piper account and any other data you want to include in this API call. For example:

ChiliPiper.submit("chameleon", "inapp", {
firstname: window.userData.firstName,
lastname: window.userData.lastName,

👉 Read more about this in the Chili Piper JS API docs.

To test if this is working, you can first add this script into your browser console and hit enter -- if the Chili Piper modal shows then your script is working. If not, we recommend that you review the contents of your script.

If the script works in the browser console then it will work when added to your Chameleon Experience.

Note: This integration requires that you have already included your Chili Piper JS snippet on your page. If you have not, you can also insert this into the "Embed field" of your Step. It should look something like:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

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