With Chameleon's Amplitude integration, you can more deeply analyze and target Chameleon Experiences. Learn more about Amplitude by visiting our integration page.

By integrating with Amplitude, you can:

Setting up

As with other new Chameleon integrations, you can enable and configure your Amplitude integration from your Chameleon dashboard.

Click 'Configure' to load the Amplitude integration page:

Sending Chameleon events to Amplitude

To send automatically-collected Chameleon events to your Amplitude project, simply turn on the 'Send Chameleon data to Amplitude' toggle.

This will then send events to Amplitude directly from your application's client-side.

To enable this to work, Amplitude's client-side Javascript SDK must be installed within your web app. This SDK must be available at the root property of window.amplitude. Events will then go to whichever Amplitude project is loaded onto the page where the event took place.

This includes the following events:

  • Chameleon Started Tour / Microsurvey

  • Chameleon Completed Tour / Microsurvey

  • Chameleon Step Seen -- by request, to avoid flooding you with events.

Event properties sent as part of these events include the Experience name, URL and others (e.g. Step number) where relevant.

For full details of all Chameleon data sent to Amplitude, use our schema Google Sheet:

You can combine these events along with other events from your product to construct a holistic picture of how your Experiences are performing and driving other actions. You can also construct a list of users that have viewed a certain Experience or exited another Experience, etc.

Getting Amplitude cohorts into Chameleon

Behavioral Cohorts in Amplitude allow you to create groups of users based on the data within your Amplitude account. Learn more about these here.

To enable this part of the integration, you will have to first connect the relevant Amplitude project, and then select which cohorts to sync.

Click 'Connect Amplitude' in the 'Connect Amplitude to sync cohorts' to open the connection modal:

Here you will need to enter the API Key and Secret Key, found within the Settings > Projects section in your Amplitude account:

After you enter these keys and click 'Connect' then your account will be connected and you can begin syncing cohorts.

To do that, search for the cohort names and select all the cohorts you need to keep synced. Once you've added these, hit 'Save'.

These cohorts will then be available to you within your Amplitude cohort filters when creating or editing a Target Audience in Chameleon.

Note: Amplitude Cohorts sent to Chameleon are synced every 3 hours, on average. This means they can be effective for targeting personas but not for triggering Experiences in real-time.

If you would like to show Experiences immediately after a user takes an action then send that data to Chameleon directly.

Other integrations

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