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Learn how to set up and use Chameleon's Mixpanel integration

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With Chameleon's Mixpanel integration, you can analyze and target Chameleon Experiences, with more depth and precision. Integrate Mixpanel with Chameleon to make more informed decisions when weighing your product adoption efforts and to ensure the right messages reach the right audience.

You can leverage the Mixpanel integration to send cohorts to Chameleon and send Chamemelon data to Mixpanel for better analytics.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to power your Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers

βš™οΈ Enable from the Dashboard

Our Mixpanel integration enables you to refine how you target in-app Experiences and analyze the input of your efforts. This leads to more engaged users, as the information you'll provide will be more relevant. And you'll also be able to determine which effort should be improved and how to adjust your existing Experiences for better results.

Connect Mixpanel to get cohorts into Chameleon and leverage them in your Segments. And send your Experience data to Mixpanel to understand how it impacts your product's success.

You can also leverage Mixpanel's Alerts feature to get real-time notifications when your Experiences aren't being seen, or for any other heuristic-based changes.

You can set up the Mixpanel integration in a few minutes and have your data available in your Chameleon Dashboard. Search the integrations page in your Dashboard for Mixpanel to enable the integration first.

  • use the toggle to start sending Chameleon data to your Mixpanel account. This will then send events to Mixpanel directly from your application's client side.

β„Ή To enable this to work, Mixpanel's client-side Javascript SDK must be installed within your web app. This SDK must be available at the root property of window.mixpanel. Events will then go to whichever Mixpanel project is loaded onto the page where the event took place.

  • connect Chameleon to your Mixpanel partner list and get cohorts into Chameleon for targeting. You can also leverage Webhooks to reduce the syncing time for your data.

Copy the API Key in your Dashboard and go to your Mixpanel dashboard: select Data Management -> Integrations:

Here you will be able to see the Chameleon integration listed.

Click 'Connect' and you will receive a prompt to add the API key you copied from the Chameleon integration page:

(The API key should look something like: SReML19OWgBk2cg8dS2P5SZCXvBPNDNef8KVfyWnJf0NYa-1KnYZs-zEdCvFL4VBJghiAo.)

After this, you will be able to export Cohorts from Mixpanel to Chameleon as a one-time or dynamic (every 2 hours) sync.

β„Ή This means they can be effective for targeting personas but not for triggering Experiences in real-time. See the paragraph below on how you can reduce the sync time from 2 hours to 30 minutes using webhooks.

πŸ‘‰ If you would like to show Experiences immediately after a user takes an action then send that data to Chameleon directly.

You can also send webhooks from Mixpanel (e.g. using the Journeys feature) to Chameleon to update user data and consequently trigger an in-product Experience.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Developer can help: Mixpanel can send out an ongoing webhook every 30 minutes to Chameleon and we will receive it whenever it's sent. With this method, you can get cohort data from your Mixpanel account faster and use it to further target your Experiences.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about how Chameleon can receive webhooks here.

A few things to keep in mind when sending your data to Chameleon:

  • After first connecting, you must hard refresh the Chameleon Builder before Mixpanel shows as an option within your Segmentation filters.

  • The numbers of people showing exported within Mixpanel and showing as matching within Chameleon may vary if some users have not been seen since Chameleon was installed (therefore Chameleon has not "seen" these users and will not have those in the database.)

The Mixpanel integration unlocks a few benefits once you enable it.

For each Experience you show to users, Chameleon will be able to send this data to your Mixpanel account so you can integrate these events into your analytics and better understand your next iterations and efforts.

This includes the following events:

  • Chameleon Started Tour / Microsurvey

  • Chameleon Completed Tour / Microsurvey

  • Chameleon Step Seen -- by request, to avoid flooding you with events.

Event properties sent as part of these events include the Experience name, URL, and others (e.g. Step number) where relevant.

β„Ή Chameleon properties will only be sent to Mixpanel if a Chameleon event is fired. If you'd like to send Chameleon properties to MixPanel without needing a Chameleon Event to be fired, you can use the example code below:

chmln.on('after:profile', function() { 
mixpanel.track('Chameleon Page View', {
'testing_id': chmln.data.profile.attributes.percent

In this specific example, we are sending "testing_id" from Chameleon to Mixpanel anytime a user is identified on the page

For full details on the Chameleon data sent to Mixpanel, check out our schema below:

Analyzing A/B tests in Mixpanel

With our A/B Testing feature, you can also easily review experiment data in MIxpanel to understand what performs better. In your Mixpanel report, add a Breakdown view to single out specific Variants for the Tour you want to analyze.

  1. Filter by Experiment Entered for a specific Tour

  2. Filter by Chameleon Completed Tour

  3. Add a Breakdown filtering by Experiment Group to see the specific Variants.

Combine these events along with other events from your product to construct a holistic picture of how your Experiences are performing and driving other actions. You can also construct a list of users that have viewed a certain Experience or exited another Experience etc.

Leverage your synched Cohorts to refine your audiences in Chameleon and target your users with more relevant in-product Experiences from Chameleon.

When creating an audience Segment in Chameleon, you will be able to combine membership of a Mixpanel cohort, along with other targeting filters (e.g. whether a user did/did not complete another Tour, or data from other sources, such as Salesforce etc.).

Mixpanel contains a feature that allows you to receive an email or Slack notification when an "Alert" is triggered.

This is a powerful way to get real-time notifications when Chameleon Experiences may not be performing as expected.

This Alert can be based on a heuristic anomaly being detected or a custom threshold being met for any event, including Chameleon events sent to Mixpanel.

Read more about this in Mixpanel's docs here, or see the summary below.

To set up an Alert in Mixpanel, first create and save a Report. This could use the "Chameleon Step Seen" event fired each time a Step is seen. This could also be filtered to a specific Step or Tour (using an event property such as step_id, or tour_name).

Once you have the Report, you can create an Alert related to this report. You can decide to use the "Anomaly detected" option (recommended) or a "Custom threshold met". You'll then get a notification when the quantity of the selected event firing is outside normal ranges.

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