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Learn how to set up and use Chameleon's Intercom integration

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With Chameleon's Intercom integration, you can coordinate your in-app efforts with Intercom messaging and data for better user journeys. Also, you can leverage Intercom as an 'Extension' and launch your documentation, or support chat from Chameleon Experiences.

This way, you can better understand the impact of your guidance and fill in the gaps in users' knowledge with the right help resources.

Availability & Usage

๐Ÿ” Available for all plans

๐Ÿ“ Ready to use in Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers

โš™๏ธ Enable from the Dashboard

With our Intercom integration, you can enable users to find help in your product, by leveraging your help center, or support chat. Go deeper into users' behaviors and understand how your documentation and in-app Experiences impact your overall adoption.

You can see if users engage with your in-app Experiences before reaching out to your support team. This way, you can fill in the gaps with resources or get in touch with users to help them succeed.

You can use Intercom as a data destination (to send Chameleon data to Intercom) or as an Extension in Chameleon (to launch your Intercom Help Center or Messenger in-app).

You can connect your Intercom integration and link your help center in a few clicks. Search the integrations page in your Dashboard for Intercom to enable the integration first.

  • Below, link your Help Center by pasting the URL on the integration page

  • To receive Experience data in your Intercom account, enable the toggle. This will automatically begin sending data to your Intercom account.

โ„น This works by using the existing Intercom code on your website, so data will only be sent on pages where the Intercom script is present and working.

  • You can also add your Intercom help center to HelpBar and enable users to access your entire documentation in-app.

You're all set to launch Intercom from your Chameleon Experiences and send that data to your Intercom account!

Leverage your Experience data to understand what's missing from your in-app guidance. For example, if users dismiss an onboarding Tour and ask for help, that's an indication that you should iterate on your Tour. In Intercom, you'll see the following events:

  • Chameleon Started Tour / Microsurvey

  • Chameleon Completed Tour / Microsurvey

  • Chameleon Button clicked Tour/ Tooltip/ Microsurvey

  • Chameleon item Launcher clicked

Event properties sent as part of these events include the Experience name, URL, and others (e.g. Step number) where relevant.

For the full details on all Chameleon data sent to Intercom, use our schema Google Sheet ๐Ÿ‘‡

Leverage Chameleon to seamlessly connect with your users by triggering the Intercom chat or specific help docs as they engage with your Experiences. This can be helpful for:

  • Getting feedback on certain features

  • Asking users where they got stuck or confused

  • Starting sales or upsell conversations

  • Teaching users about new features

  • Providing more context when users need help

โ„น Using this option, Chameleon will refer to the Intercom instance that's installed on the current page. You can also pre-populate a message so your users will only need to send it.

Build your Experience as usual and from your button (or Launcher Items section in the Builder) pick additional Actions and select Intercom. Here, you have the option to:

  • launch your Intercom messenger

  • open your help center

With the chat option, you'll just select that and each time a user clicks your button, your Intercom chat will pop up to provide help.

With the help center option, you can choose to either:

  • launch a specific query in your Help Center - enter a keyword that will return relevant articles;

  • or launch a specific article or section - enter the link of a Help doc or section in your Help Center.

Once you set this, every button click will also open your help resources in a new tab.

โ„น In Launchers, you'll also have the 'Segment', 'Completion criteria', and 'Hide when complete' options, to use with specific guides you're showing.

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