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Learn how to set up and use Chameleon's FullStory integration

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With Chameleon's FullStory integration, you can understand how users engage and respond to your in-app guidance. This will help you understand where users need more help and how your in-app efforts fuel your product adoption.

Send Chameleon data to FullStory and review how each Experience impacts your adoption goals.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for Startup, Growth, Enterprise

πŸ“ To easily understand the impact of Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers

βš™οΈ Connect from the Dashboard

How does this integration work?

With our FullStory integration, you can easily review Experiences in your FullStory dashboard and analyze Chameleon events. This way you can understand how users interact with your in-app Experiences and where you can iterate to improve engagement.

With this integration, you can set up FullStory as a:

  • Data destination -- send Chameleon data to FullStory (for analyzing Experiences)

Setting up the integration

Enable the FullStory integration in a few clicks. Search the integrations page in your Chameleon Dashboard for FullStory to enable the integration.

This will automatically begin sending data (including Microsurvey responses) to your FullStory account. This works by using the existing FullStory code on your website, so data will only be sent on pages where the FullStory script is present and working.

How to use it?

FullStory allows you to watch session playbacks on your site, so you'll be able to see your users engage with the Experiences you build. Learn more about this feature from their docs.

FullStory dashboard session replay of a Chameleon in-app

In addition, you'll be able to search for Chameleon events and then see a list of sessions that include events like:

  • Chameleon Started Tour / Microsurvey

  • Button clicked

  • Chameleon Step Seen

Event properties sent as part of these events include the Experience name, URL, and others (e.g. Step number) where relevant.

For full details of all Chameleon data sent to FullStory, use our schema below:

πŸ’‘ You can use FullStory's Omnisearch to search for any events, and even construct custom funnels with a combination of these events.

Here are a few ways you can leverage this integration:

  • Sense check product Tours; see if they are triggered at the right time for users and that the interactions are easy to understand

  • Explore how Chameleon Experiences look and behave for different users (e.g. in different languages or different systems/devices)

  • Investigate poor-performing Tours, for example by reviewing when users exit or dismiss a Step. Maybe it's interrupting a key workflow?

  • Look at what a user did before submitting a satisfaction Microsurvey (to better learn what made them happy/unhappy)

  • Investigate how users change behaviors when A/B testing a Tour; compare users in the Test group with users in the Control group

  • Share recordings of Chameleon Experiences with others on the team to invite feedback or suggestions for improvements

Possible issue

  • Connect to FullStory is not available. This could happen if FullStory is not detected on your site. If you believe FullStory is correctly installed then please contact us to investigate further.

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