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How to get help or advice

We can help investigate or troubleshoot an issue or offer some feedback to help improve your design

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We want to ensure your Chameleon Experiences are working as expected and you are driving product success in a measurable way. Here is where you can quickly engage with us, find useful resources, or ask for more assistance.

Quick access

The quickest way to move forward if you're stuck is to access the Get Help widget, in the bottom left corner of your Dashboard. Here, you can access our Help center or get in touch with us.

While using the Builder in your product, you can always bring up the HelpBar (cmd+ k) and access the Get Help page from the "sticky links" section or type in "help" to get more options.

This can happen if you install Chameleon using Twilio Segment and use the Privacy Badger extension or a similar one that blocks third-party tracking. As Twilio Segment runs other third-party apps that can show pop-ups and track analytics, the extension can block it and the widget becomes inaccessible to you.

You can solve this and continue to use both tools if you add Twilio Segment to Privacy Badger's list of allowed list sites. Go to Privacy Badger Settings - Disabled Websites and add Twilio Segment to the list.

You can also visit our Get Help page in the Dashboard, for more options. Here, you'll find quick links to other resources and also the options to Report an Issue or Request a Review.

To best troubleshoot any issues you're running it to, it greatly helps our process if we can access your account to review your Experiences.

Admins can grant access by going to the Help page and toggling on the account access. You can always revoke this at any time.

We won't be able to access your app because of this, it just allows us to see what you see in your Chameleon Dashboard. We can open the Builder on another page to view how your Experiences are set up.

If you are experiencing something unexpected or unusual, such as a Tour or the Chameleon Builder not showing, or problems in editing, then you may need to report the issue. 

However, please first review our troubleshooting guides, in case these are able to resolve the problem. 

If you are unable to resolve it by yourself then please click "Report an issue" and complete the short form. We will respond faster if you complete this form accurately and thoroughly, including: 

  • Which Chameleon Experience is problematic (using its ID).

  • A video recording of the issue in action, with commentary on what you expected.

You also need to confirm we have permission to access your Chameleon account, and that we also have access to your product, so that we can log in and try to recreate the issue. This is critical to help us investigate and resolve. 

We'll expect to get back to you as soon as possible (expect 24 hours) but sooner if your issue is urgent and if you're on our Growth plan

Following these guidelines will save time in resolving your issue, so we appreciate your support! 

We now offer personalized expert advice on your Chameleon Experiences. We use our deep understanding of best practices around UX, user psychology, and in-product patterns, to give you suggestions for improvements to help you more quickly meet your product success goals. 

If you are on the Growth plan, then you can visit the Get Help page and use the "Request a review" option.

Be sure to include:

  • A clear description of your goals, or what you're hoping to accomplish with this Chameleon Experience.

  • A video/screencast recording of the Experience you've built with commentary on the underlying flow. You can reference your goals, and why users are struggling / what product friction exists that you're trying to overcome

If you're not on the Growth Plan, but understand the value of product success and want regular advice and coaching then we'd be happy to discuss it with you. 

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