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Configure Alerts and manage notifications
Configure Alerts and manage notifications

Set up Alerts to be notified about unexpected Experience behavior

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With Chameleon, you can stay on top of the Experiences you deliver and quickly improve them by creating Alerts. Alerts are notifications you receive on your email or Slack account and keep you in the loop whenever something isn't working as expected.

Alerts help you monitor Experiences, measure their effectiveness, and make quick improvements to drive your product's adoption.

πŸ’‘You can also leverage Mixpanel's Alerts functionality with Chameleon events. Learn more here if you use Mixpanel.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for Growth, Enterprise

πŸ“ For better visibility on Tours, Microsurveys

βš™οΈ Configure from the Dashboard

πŸ“Ί You can watch the video below to learn how Alerts work in Chameleon.

You can now set up Alerts to be notified via email or Slack when an Experience isn't functioning as you expect it to. This will give you a quick heads up when (e.g. an element has broken, or a page URL has changed, etc.) and needs to be addressed or resolved by your team.

🎯 Alerts are an easy way to keep up with how Experiences perform and quickly improve when you see them underperforming.

There are two types of Alerts you can create:

  • When an Experience hasn't been started for a period of time.

  • When an Experience hasn't been completed for a period of time.

πŸ“© We are considering adding additional Alerts; if you have specific ideas in mind, please let us know!

Once you set an Alert, you’ll be notified when any individual Experience meets the Alert condition by Slack and/or email.

Find the Alerts page in your Dashboard, under Settings. Come here to configure and manage your Alerts.

You'll see an existing Alert set up by default for All Experiences that were Not Started for 7 days. Click "+ Create New Alert" to add and configure a new Alert on your account.

Use a suggestive name, so your team will quickly know what it's about. Next, choose the Experiences it should apply to. You can set an Alert for:

  • All Experiences (Tours and Microsurveys)

  • An Experience type (all Tours or all Microsurveys)

  • A group of Experiences by Tag

  • An individual Experience

Pick the criteria the Alert should meet to be triggered. And here, you can choose between:

  • Not seen (for a specific number of days)

  • Not completed (for a specific number of days)

Finally, set where you want to receive notifications, between your Slack channel, email, or both. And click "Create Alert" to add this Alert to your Dashboard.😊

πŸ’‘ If you don't have your Slack account connected, you will be prompted to do so before selecting a Slack channel to receive your Alerts.

Use the dotted menu on the right whenever you want to edit an Alert, put it on pause, or delete it.

Once you have created an Alert, you will receive notifications in the channels you set. Here's an example of Alert, received on email and Slack:

In each notification, you will receive the key Experience details to help you identify and resolve unexpected behaviors. As in the example above, you will see:

  • Which Chameleon user created the Alert (@bnorton)

  • The name of the Alert (Testing Alerts with Tags)

  • Number of Experiences and their names that triggered the Alert (Nacho's Microsurvey 2022-05-23 and Nacho's Tour 2022-07-06)

  • The type of Alert (without being Seen)

  • The period set in the Alert (1 day)

  • The Tags attached to the Experiences (Feature announcement and Upsell Modals)

  • The Environments where the Experiences are set to display (Production)

With this information, you can always go in and improve your Experiences.

⨇ General Rule: Experiences included in a specific Alert (e.g. Not Started in 7 days) will not trigger another notification for another full 7 days after the first. However, if other Experiences start meeting the Alert conditions in between that period, they will trigger a new Alert notification.

Alerts are a powerful Chameleon feature and you can include them in your product adoption efforts to help you be more efficient and proactive towards your users' needs.

You can use Alerts effectively to:

  • Ensure your most important Experiences are being regularly viewed. For example, onboarding Tours or modals that announce platform-wide UX changes.

  • Troubleshoot Tours that are not being completed by your users.

  • Measure the success and completion rates of new Experiences you create.

πŸͺ„ Chameleon Tip:

Create a Slack channel that is specifically dedicated to Alerts notifications, to avoid crowding your other channels.
- - Currently, Alerts are only available in Slack public (not private) channels. - -

Don't use Alerts:

  • For every Experience you've created: aim to keep the signal-noise ratio high for actionable insights you can put into your product's growth.

  • For broad Experience Tag groups: you want to be able to immediately identify which parts of your UX are not working as expected and come up with solutions.

πŸ‘‰ Have any questions or feedback on Alerts? Send us an email here!

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