How Alerts work

You can now set up Alerts to be notified via email or Slack when an Experience isn't functioning as you expect it to.

This can provide a much faster indication that something is wrong (e.g. an element has broken, or a page URL has changed etc.) and needs to be addressed by your team.

There are two types of Alerts you can create:

  • When an Experience hasn't been started for a period of time

  • When an Experience hasn't been completed for a period of time

We are considering adding alerts for additional options; if you have ideas on what other alerts you would like to see, then please let us know!

You can choose to set an alert for:

  • An individual Experience

  • An Experience type (e.g. Tours or Microsurveys)

  • A group of Experiences by Tag

  • All Experiences

You’ll be notified when any individual Experience meets the Alert condition by Slack and/or email.

Suggested use cases

Some suggestions for how to effectively use Alerts:

  • To ensure your most important Experiences are being regularly viewed. For example, onboarding tours or modals that announce platform-wide UX changes.

  • To troubleshoot Tours that are not being completed

  • To measure the success/completion rates of new Experiences

  • Create a Slack channel* specifically for Alerts notifications to avoid crowding other channels
    * currently Alerts are only available in Slack public (not private) channels

When not to use Alerts

  • For every Experience you've created: aim to keep the signal:noise ratio high for actionable insights

  • For broad tag groups of Experiences: you want to be able to immediately identify which parts of your UX are not working as expected

Setting up Alerts

Once you have access to this functionality, visit the Alerts page in the Chameleon dashboard to configure and manage your Alerts

By default there is already an existing Alert set up for All Experiences Not Started for 7 days. You can use the Ellipsis menu to edit this and add your notification channels:

If you have not yet connected your Slack account you will be prompted to do so. Learn more about that integration here.

Once you have created your Alert, you will start receiving notifications in the channels you set. Here's an example of a Slack notification

This notification contains the following information (example from above in parentheses):

  • Which Chameleon user created the Alert (@bnorton)

  • The name of the Alert (Data onboarding variants)

  • Number of Experiences and their names that triggered the Alert (Data onboarding: 2022-01 - C and Data onboarding: 2022-01 - D)

  • The type of Alert (without being Completed)

  • The period set in the Alert (3 days)

Experiences included for a specific Alert (e.g. Not Started in 7 days) will not trigger another notification for another full 7 days after the first. However if other Experiences start meeting the Alert conditions in between that period, they will trigger a new Alert notification.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing us here!

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