What can go wrong and how to fix it?

Learn how to troubleshoot your Chameleon Experiences and how to find help.

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Sometimes an Experience isn't displaying as you want it, or your expected behavior doesn't match what you get. πŸ˜•

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use your browser's Console to debug your Experiences and where to get additional help when you need it.

When something isn't working as expected with your Experiences, you can quickly run the Debugger tool in your browser console to find out the issue and solve it.

πŸ’‘ These are temporary commands that run just within your browser, and will not impact your application permanently or for any other users.

Running the Debugger console tool will show you results that you can easily act upon. For example, if the user is in the Target Audience for that Experience, if the Experience is being Rate Limited, and more. You can easily resolve these and move on. πŸ™‚

πŸ‘‰ How to use:

Open the Console - right-click your app and go to "inspect", and then click on the "console" tab. Once you have the console open, you can run the commands there.

The Debugger tool has two commands available, depending upon what stage of loading Chameleon has been completed:

  • chmln.Snippet.debug()

  • chmln.debug()

1️⃣ We recommend starting with chmln.Snippet.debug() to test if Chameleon has been installed correctly and that the Snippet is working properly.

2️⃣ If you see a positive message, such as "Chameleon loaded, User profile loaded," then proceed to use chmln.debug() to test Chameleon Experience status.

  • With this command, you will see a list of all Experiences that have been published in your account. You can click the arrow > next to an Experience to see details on its display state, what Segment is used, and which step it's on.

🎯 You can debug a specific Experience, by including its ID in your debug call. Such as chmln.debug("60cb861eb6ef93001b8d731e").

Go here to see a list of messages and how to interpret them to solve the issue.

πŸŽ“ To learn more about Troubleshooting Experiences read these articles:

We get that it's not always easy to solve issues on your own. We are here to help you get unstuck and move forward. πŸ™Œ A good place to start is the Get Help page, where you can also Report an Issue or Request a Review, aside from having access to our helpful resources.

And remember, if you need us we are just an email away. πŸ˜‰

πŸ‘‰ You've almost reached the end of the Chameleon 101 Course but just begun your Experience-delivery proficiency.

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