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What does the Chameleon Chrome Extension do?
What does the Chameleon Chrome Extension do?
See how you can try Chameleon out and how to use the Extension alongside the code snippet.
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The Chameleon Chrome extension will give you access to the Chameleon Builder, which is the tool you will use to actually customize and configure Experiences within your application.

Quick access

After you download it, a Chameleon icon will appear in your Chrome Toolbar.

The Chrome Extension will always open when you start building Experiences from the Dashboard. But you can also use it to enter the Builder and create Experiences in your own environment. 😊

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind, that you will not be able to set your Experience live until you have Chameleon installed in your app.

No account yet? You can still try out Chameleon without committing. πŸ˜‰

You can use the same path to close the Builder if you no longer need it by clicking "Exit Builder" from the Extension icon.

The Chameleon Extension will also show you other relevant information:

  • error messages that need your attention;

  • the Environment you're entering the Builder in;

  • the current user identified by Chameleon on the page.

🎯 From the Chrome Extension, you can also access the Testing page in the Dashboard, to quickly clear user data for ongoing live testing.

Clicking the Environment name in the Chrome Extension will take you to the Dashboard page where a filter will already be applied, to see the full details of that specific Environment.

If you have successfully installed the Chameleon Extension but it isn't showing up in the toolbar, go to your Chrome Manage Extensions page (copy and paste this in your browser: chrome://extensions), and make sure the toggle in the bottom right-hand corner is "on" (blue) for the Chameleon Builder Extension.

After that, you should see the lime-green Chameleon logo in your toolbar.

If you no longer need the Chameleon Chrome Extension in your browser, you have two options:Β 

  • Disable it but keep it downloaded (for future uses or troubleshooting)

  • Remove it from Chrome completely

You can do both of these by visiting your Chrome Manage Extensions page (copy and paste this into your browser: chrome://extensions), where you'll be able to find Chameleon's extension.

To disable it, simply toggle it off. To delete it completely, click 'Details' and down to the bottom you have the option to 'Remove extension'.Β 

As a shortcut, you can also remove the extension by right-clicking the Chrome Extension icon in your browser and selecting "Remove from Chrome".

Have any questions about how to handle our Chrome extension? We'd love to help you out, just send us a message!

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