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How can I manage my team's roles and permissions?
How can I manage my team's roles and permissions?

Control who publishes Chameleon Experiences or changes account-wide settings

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To enable more teammates to leverage Chameleon, you can invite them to your account. It’s great for everyone to hop in and contribute to better product guidance. However, your in-product Experiences can become uncoordinated and disrupt your overall user experience, if too many experiments run at the same time.

With Chameleon, you can allow teammates to contribute in a way that does not tamper with your existing efforts.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for Enterprise

πŸ“© Contact: to discuss your plan

πŸ‘€ Updates & new roles coming soon!

When the Roles functionality is enabled, you can set up two different roles for anyone who joins your Chameleon account: Admins and Members.

This way, you can ensure that all critical components and configurations are in the right hands. While every teammate can contribute to your product's success. 😊

✨ We're updating and adding new Roles in Chameleon, such as "creator" or "designer" roles. Get in touch with us to discuss your plan if you're interested in more advanced Roles.

In Chameleon, Admins have the following rights:

  • Activate (publish) or Deactivate (unpublish) Experiences

  • Adjust account-wide Settings (see below)

  • Manage the 'Admin' status of other teammates (make or remove them as Admin)

  • Remove teammates from the Chameleon account (meaning they no longer have access to create or edit any Experiences)

  • Configure or edit Alerts

  • Delete users from Chameleon

To manage account-wide Settings, you'll see all the options you can control as an Admin, on the Rights page in the Dashboard, once the Roles functionality is enabled.

Here, is where you enable Experiences to display on mobile devices or enable Google for Work accounts as an authentication method for your team, among other useful options.

Any teammate who is a Member of your account can:

  • View

  • Create

  • Edit

any Experience as normal and work with all Chameleon configuration options.

This way, your teammates can contribute with valuable feedback and ideas, without disrupting your account's flow. πŸ˜‰

To help your team stay on top of all user guidance and product adoption efforts, Members can also submit any Experience for review. This will notify an Admin via email, who can then publish it.

In the usual flow of building an Experience, from the "Review & Publish" section, Members can use the Submit for review option. After you click the button, you'll be able to search for specific Admins on your account and leave an optional note.

From the dropdown list, pick the Admins you need input from and drop them a note to let them know what you need their attention on.

πŸ’‘ You can also invite new teammates to Chameleon if you don't see their names pop up on the list.

Chameleon will then send an email to the Admins you selected with a link to this Experience and your notes. This way, they can easily go in to review your work and Publish it from the same Dashboard section. πŸ™Œ

The first person from your domain to sign up for Chameleon will automatically be an Admin. As more teammates join your account, they will be added as Members in Chameleon.

You can view and manage Admins & Members from the Team page in your Chameleon Dashboard:

Here, you can invite new members to join your account, remove them from your team, assign Admins, or remove the Admin role. Hover over their names to see these options.

Without using the Roles functionality, every member of your Chameleon account can make the adjustments above.

β„Ή Depending on your plan, you might invite more teammates than your account can home. No problem with inviting and then managing your team; but, in this case, Experience publishing will be limited, until you either upgrade your plan or remove some of the existing teammates in your account.

When you want to get feedback from your colleagues on how an Experience looks, you can show it only to the Admins in your account.

Create a Segment and select the "Chameleon Admin" options under the Default Properties filter. Set it to is true to show it only to the team members that you have added to your account AND who have opened the Chameleon Builder in your app.

πŸ“© Have any questions? Have all your Admins left the company? Reach out to us to help you figure it out!

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