Note: This functionality is only available on the Growth plan. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options. 

To enable more teammates to leverage Chameleon for their use cases you may invite them to your Chameleon account. However, there is a danger that your in-product Experiences become uncoordinated and disrupt your overall user experience. 

With Chameleon's Roles functionality, you can delineate two different roles: Admins and Members. When this functionality enabled, only Admins will have the following rights:

  • Activate (publish) or Deactivate (unpublish) Experiences

  • Adjust account-wide Settings (see below)

  • Adjust Rate Limiting

  • Change Admin status of another teammate (make or remove them as Admin)

  • Remove teammates from the Chameleon account (meaning they no longer have access to create or edit any Experiences)

In this scenario, Members (non-Admins) will be able to view, create, edit Experiences as normal.

Example of account-wide settings that can only be configured by Admins once the Roles functionality is enabled.

The first person from your domain to sign-up for Chameleon will automatically be an Admin. You can view and manage Admins from the Team section on your Chameleon dashboard:

Without the Roles functionality enabled, every member of your Chameleon account has the ability to make the adjustments outlined above.

👉 Have any questions? Have all your admins left the company? Feel free to reach out to us!


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