How do I invite a Teammate?

Invite your team to Chameleon to amplify your in-app efforts

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You can invite your team to Chameleon at any point during your implementation, or later on to collaborate on your in-app efforts.

Depending on your plan, you can also assign Roles with specific Permissions to anyone joining your account.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Startup: 6 seats

πŸ” Growth: 15 seats

πŸ” Enterprise: unlimited seats

How to invite Teammates?

You can invite your team either as you get started with Chameleon, or once you complete your setup phase from the Dashboard.

During your setup, you can send invitations to others on your team.

πŸ‘‰ We suggest you invite at least your "Designer" and "Engineer" to help install and establish a branded style.

To invite Teammates later on, go to the Settings β†’ Team page in your Dashboard.

β„Ή The first person from your domain to sign up for Chameleon will automatically be an "Admin". Depending on your plan, you can update Roles or invite other Specific Roles to your account.

Pick from the dropdown the Role to assign to your new Teammate. If "Roles" are not enabled for your account, you can pick between "Admin" and "Viewer".

β„Ή Depending on your Plan and Role you can invite other specific Roles, e.g. if you're a Viewer you can only invite other Viewers.

If invited Teammates haven't joined your Chameleon account yet, you'll also find an option to resend their invitations.

β„Ή Users who join your account without an invitation will be added as "Viewers". This ensures better account security and enables your "Admins" to check before giving additional permissions.

β„Ή Depending on your plan, you might invite more Teammates than your account can home. In this case, Experience publishing will be limited, until you either upgrade your plan or remove some of the existing Teammates in your account.

πŸ‘‰ Read more about inviting your team to test Experiences.

πŸ“© Have all your Admins left the company? Reach out to us to help you!

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