How do I manage my account?

Learn how to create an account and manage your personal information in Chameleon

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With Chameleon, it's easy to get started and leverage all Experiences for delightful product adoption. Once you have an account, you can also invite your teammates to boost your efforts on multiple fronts and ensure all users experience a unique journey.

Update your appearance and manage profile options from the Dashboard.

Anyone with a company email account can sign up to use Chameleon.

But you can't use Chameleon as an individual. We love to contribute to efficient product guidance; but to leverage the most important functionalities successfully, you'll benefit from a team to coordinate with and support your efforts.

To create your free Chameleon account, head over to the signup page and use your company email or company Google account. We hate data overload, so we don't require passwords to access your account; use magic links or Google authentification to log in anytime.

Managing your account

You'll find all your profile information, account settings, and profile options in the Chameleon Dashboard. Click Settings in the left-side menu to access:

Your Profile

Here, you can update how you appear to the rest of your teammates in your account.

Profile picture upload option in the Dashboard

πŸ’‘ Chameleon can pull profile pictures from Gravatar if there are any associated with that email; for your teammates or your users.

Your profile picture will show up through the Dashboard, so other teammates can identify efforts quickly and make iterations. You'll see your Avatar show up:

  • On the Team page

  • In Experience, Segments, Alerts, or Rate limiting tables

  • In Imports and Tags tables

Below, fill in your personal details so your teammates know who's who and what efforts they own.

Profile information fields in the Dashboard

πŸ‘‰ Teammate Avatars also show up in Experience filters, and Chameleon will add the name initials to those who as missing one, so it's still easy to spot who's doing what.

Your Account

On the Account page, you can update your account name.

You also have the option to add different emails to receive status and other security and privacy notifications. This can include a group email or alias (e.g.

Your Team

On the Team page, you can invite your teammates and manage individual Roles (Roles vary by plan) or remove users from your account. The first person from your domain to sign up for Chameleon will automatically be an "Admin".

β„Ή Any Teammates you invite from the Get Started page will be added as "Admins" on your account (even though they'll receive an email specific to their Role). This helps teams early on to implement and test Chameleon easily without blocking any tests or experimentation. But "Admins" can update Roles at any time.

"Admins" can update the Roles of other Teammates on your account. Use the dropdown on the right side to update Roles, or the "Remove from team" to remove Teammates from your account.

β„Ή Any removed teammate from your account will lose access to the Dashboard and Builder. They do not receive a notification about this.

Your Domains

On the Domains page, you will add your domains and subdomains to Environments to control where Experiences display.

Rights on your account

On the Rights page, account Admins can set different settings for the account, that relate to security or Experience display.

Here you can enable/disable or set:

Your Plan

On the Billing page, review (and compare) plans, enable add-ons or review your MTUs.

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