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How do I change or cancel my account?
How do I change or cancel my account?

Learn how you can manage your Chameleon account

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You can access the Plan & Billing page in your Chameleon Dashboard to make changes to your account settings.

Here you can find information about:

  • Your Plan - the plan that your account is on, how much you are paying, your billing date, etc.)

  • Your payment method (which card is being used for payment)

You can also make changes such as:

  • Update credit card

  • View prior invoices/receipts

  • Pause/cancel the account

  • Downgrade your plan

  • Change company details (that appear on receipts)

Downgrading or pausing your account

If one of our paid plans doesn't suit your needs, you can downgrade to a lower plan from the Billing page.

If you downgrade to a lower plan, some live Experiences can be unpublished to adjust the new plan. If you need some time to adjust existing efforts or priorities, you can also pause your subscription for 3 months.

If you pause your subscription, you will continue to see your Experiences in Chameleon and can always pick up where you left off, as your data and efforts will be saved for 90 days.

We're sorry to hear that it didn't work out between us, but respect your decision. Our main interest is always to provide the best experience possible for our customers and, we will likely ask you for some feedback.

Your honest input will be extremely valuable at this point as it will allow us to aim for continuous improvement and manage expectations better.

If you cancel your account, all your Experiences will be deactivated at the end of your subscription. Your account data will also be deleted as per our data retention policies.

Once you cancel your account, you will not be liable for any further charges. However please note, we are unable to process any refunds for plans that are unused or cancellations that take place prior to the end of the billing period. 

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