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How can I try Chameleon without committing?
How can I try Chameleon without committing?

Simple ways to see if Chameleon is the right fit for you before you invest more.

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Selecting a partner to help you build, manage, and optimize in-product user experiences is a significant choice. We know you are here because you are looking for ease of use, reliability, and smooth management.

Here's how you can try out all the possibilities to drive in-product success with Chameleon, without committing. We'll be here to help you make the right choice.

Get a demo

The easiest way to see how Chameleon can meet your goals will be during a live demo. Have some questions, didn't get something right away, or you're unsure how to leverage Chameleon? This is a great moment to advance any questions and share your use cases!

We will guide you through the ways Chameleon can blend in with your product. And you can bring your business goals and specific use case to the table to find the right fit.

To get an introduction to our features and a tailored conversation simply request a demo below, we're curious to meet you. 😊

👉 You can also explore our interactive demos, to get a feel of the configurations for all Experiences, building custom audiences, and more!

Explore our interactive demos

If you're curious about the different features you'll work with, the flow of creating different patterns, or how you can leverage your user data in Chameleon, explore our Interactive Demos and dive deeper into specific configurations.

Try out the basics

You can get a good feel of how Chameleon works by using our Chrome Extension. This will give you access to the Chameleon Builder, which is the component you'll use to customize your Experiences in your own product.

Just a few benefits you'll get by using the Chameleon Chrome Extension:

  • Review the Chameleon Builder interface and see how easy it is to build in-product Experiences.

  • Explore the configuration options for different Chameleon Experiences.

  • Add your brand styling to make your Experiences look native.

  • Prepare your Experiences to be published as soon as Chameleon is fully implemented in your product.

You can do all this without requiring a developer and without impacting your product for other users. To get started, simply create your Chameleon account. 

When using the Chameleon Builder, please check this article if you run into any compatibility issues, and feel free to email us for further guidance.

👉 You can try out the Builder and explore Chameleon's Dashboard with our Free plan too.

Get the full experience

Once Chameleon has been successfully installed, you have access to Chameleon’s full functionality, including sending user data for targeting, connecting integrations, and more. To activate Experiences, there's just one last thing to do - select a pricing plan.

✉️ Have any questions? Feel free to email us!

You can install Chameleon before beginning a trial without a time constraint. If you cancel your trial before your trial period ends, you will not be charged. When your trial is over, you will be charged for the first month. However, we offer a 1-month money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our product.

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