You'll need to be logged-in to the Chameleon site to enable any editing with the Chameleon Editor. Log in here.


  • Chameleon is passwordless (to avoid remembering or managing passwords). 

  • You can log in using your Google for Work email account, or a magic link to your email.

  • The magic link expires after 1 click or 24 hours (whichever is first) for security purposes. If that happens, simply request a new one. 

  • Once you are logged in, you'll stay logged in for 2 weeks from your last activity.

  • If you use SSO please login here.


  • If you're having trouble receiving the magic link email:

  • If your magic link is already expired (or not working):

    • Magic links only work for one login. If in doubt, or one does not work, request a new link.

    • Magic links expire immediately when a new magic link is requested. Check that you do not have more than one in your inbox.

    • Spam filters and firewalls sometimes test links for malware. This testing can result in your magic link being expired before you use it. Add "" + "" to your email's approved sender list and allow-lists.

    • Test in Incognito Mode (for Chrome) or Private Browser (for Safari). If the link works there, then something in your cache or security software could be disabling the magic link.

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