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Showing your Experiences to mobile users
Showing your Experiences to mobile users

How to enable and target Chameleon Experiences for mobile web

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Want to know the best way to share your Experiences with your mobile web users? Chameleon Experiences are responsive and will adjust as elements on your page move based on the browser size.ย 

However, by default, Chameleon Experiences are turned off for browser width < 720px until you activate mobile support on your account. This is meant to allow you to intentionally opt in and out of showing Experiences on mobile devices to your users.

When mobile support is active on your account, you will be able to use a segmentation filter that will allow you to target users based on whether they're accessing your page using a desktop or mobile device.

Availability & Usage

๐Ÿ” Available for all plans

๐Ÿ“ Ready to power mobile Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers

โš™๏ธ Enable from the Dashboard

Quick access

๐Ÿ“บ Check out the video below with best practices for delivering mobile guidance, and how you can use Chameleon to show Experiences on mobile devices.

You can enable mobile support from your Dashboard's settings page. Here, under Additional options, you will find a "Display Experiences on mobile" option to toggle.

Beware that, once toggled on, all your Experiences will be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, you will have to make sure your Experiences target only Desktop users before proceeding, by using the "Device type" segmentation filter.

Note: Upon activating the mobile support within Chameleon, any Segment that does not contain the "Device type" filter will include both desktop and mobile users.

Once you enable mobile support on your account, you will be able to decide whether an Experience displays specifically to users on mobile or desktop devices.

This is achieved through the use of a segmentation filter, which allows you to segment your users based on their device type. This filter can be found under Default properties when creating a new Segment. You can use it to target your Experiences and ensure they're showing only to Mobile users.

Note: Before activating mobile Experiences, this filter is available for targeting only desktop users.

Note: Reducing the width of a browser on a desktop will not classify it as a mobile browser.ย Mobile devices are identified based on whether the browser used is a mobile browser, such is the case for all handheld mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

At this stage, Chameleon does not support native mobile applications. However, you can still send usage data from your mobile apps to Chameleon, to allow you to target web users based on their mobile activity.

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