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Users not identified error

Learn what to do if you see this within the Chrome Extension

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To successfully install and use Chameleon, you'll have to ensure a few components work correctly, and identifying users is an essential one. No worries if something isn't running as it should though. You will be notified of any issue and you can take clear steps to solve it. 😌

Note: in this article, we are referring to a Chrome Extension error. But you will receive them in the Dashboard and Builder as well, whenever something isn't right.

As part of installing Chameleon, you must send a unique identifier for each individual loading your page (user_id) so that Chameleon can keep track of the progress of each user inside your product. This is an essential part of delivering contextual guidance and is required for any user to see a live Experience.

If you have installed the Chameleon code snippet but see an error when opening the Chrome Extension similar to the one below, this means there is a short delay between the identification call and the time the Chrome Extension is opened.

If this happens, just wait a few moments and open the Extension again. The next time you do, you should be able to Enter the Builder as usual.

🎯 Read this article to learn how to check that you are correctly identifying users and review a few common issues that can arise.

If you still have questions you can go to our Help page to find additional resources or get in touch with us right away.

Note: if you have installed Chameleon through Twilio Segment you will need to ensure that you are identifying individual users to Twilio Segment. Read the documentation on how to do this on Twilio Segment's website here, and the best practices around this here.Β 

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