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Learn how to use Arcade to launch interactive demos from your Experiences

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Showcase your features with an interactive demo that gives users the option to explore your product in more depth, at their own pace. You can launch an Arcade demo from your Experiences and allow users to broaden their product knowledge on the spot.

Understand the impact of your efforts by analyzing demo events in your analytics tools.

Availability & Usage

🔐 Available for all plans

📍 Ready to power your Tours, Tooltips, Microsurveys, Launchers

✚ Pairs well with Amplitude, Google Analytics, Mixpanel

⚙️ Enable from the Dashboard

How does this integration work?

With our Arcade integration, you can engage users through interactive demos and allow them to discover locked or more advanced features. Share insight into advanced functionalities or enable them to experience upscale benefits through a quick demo.

Launch demos from your Experience buttons to offer users an engaging, but self-paced dive into your product's functionality. To understand what impact your demos have on product adoption, you can also send Arcade events to your connected analytics integrations.

Setting up the integration

To use the Arcade integration in your Experiences, head over to the Arcade integration page in the Dashboard and enable it first. Then you'll find 'Arcade' in the Builder anytime you want to use it.

To automatically send Arcade events (e.g. Step reached, Hotspot clicked) to your analytics integrations, you'll just have to enable it from the same page in your Dashboard.

This requires your connected integration’s JS code to be installed on the page that the Arcade is rendered on.

Arcade events from any Arcade demos Chameleon shows in your product (via Button action or HelpBar) are sent via client-side to all of your connected integrations using whichever projects/tokens they are loaded onto the page with. You'll see events marked with 'Arcade' so you can easily identify and leverage them in your tools.

How to use it?

To share an interactive Arcade demo with your users, you can launch it from a button (or a media component) or include it as a Launcher item with the additional Actions feature.

Select the Arcade option and paste your demo link in there. It will open in a full-screen modal after a user clicks your button.

Use our Arcade integration to teach users flows, how to use your features, as well as advanced tips to help them be more successful. Combine in-app demos with Microsurveys to better gauge user sentiment on improved features or planned updates.

Leverage your analytics to get more insights into what users care about or what challenges your demos helped solve. By sending your Arcade events to your analytics integrations you can:

  • understand how engaging your demos are -- compare where users click through the hotspots to digest your demo vs. clicking more on the progress nav bar to skim through

  • see what features pique their interest most -- look at how many demos users restart

  • spot if users follow desired actions -- analyze what users do after they view a demo or reach specific steps in it

Align these events with your holistic analysis of user journeys to better understand what helps users overcome blockers and how this impacts your adoption.

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