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How can I create Custom Events?

Learn how to define and track events to use as conditions for showing Experiences to your users

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In-product experiences are most effective when they are relevant to users. You can increase the relevance of an in-app Experience by showing it to users based on what they have done in your product.Β 

There are different ways you can leverage events in Chameleon to create your audiences, including creating Custom Events from your Chameleon Dashboard and segmenting users based on event properties.

πŸ’‘ You can also leverage the events that you send to Chameleon to trigger a Step by a user action on the page.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Startup: 5 Tracked Events

πŸ” Growth: 20 Tracked Events

πŸ” Enterprise: 50 Tracked Events

πŸ“ Here for timely triggered Tours, Tooltips, Embeddables, Microsurveys, Launchers

βš™οΈ Create yours from the Dashboard

What are Custom Events in Chameleon?

Custom Events are the events that you define from your Dashboard based on an imported event and its associated properties.

You can leverage Custom Events to track event properties that you can use to refine your segmentation. This is useful for example, when you track the event button clicked and you want to specify that its name is start trial.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about the difference between Imported and Custom Events here.

Depending on your plan, you can Track multiple Imported or Custom Events and leverage them throughout Chameleon.

β„Ή If you've sent events to Chameleon before the release of Custom Events (June 19th, 2024) and want to use existing Events to create Custom Events, you'll have to re-send them to Chameleon. In the events table, check that the "last seen time" is after the 19th of June.

How do I create a Custom Event?

To create a Custom Event head over to the Data Management page in your Dashboard and select the User Events tab and click the "Add Custom Event" button.

In the modal that appears you can combine multiple associated properties to define your Custom Event. First, select an Event from the dropdown; next, you'll see listed all the properties that were ever sent to Chameleon and you can select which ones you want to use to define your Custom Event.

β„Ή You can combine multiple properties to define your Custom Event. Ensure you type in a name as well, to be able to confirm your new Event.

Select if you want to Track it and leverage it right away, or keep it Untracked for later use. Once you confirm your Custom Event, Chameleon can immediately start Tracking it.

Keep in mind that Chameleon is processing new events every 3 minutes, so there can be a delay until the event is added to users. But when a new Event is created for the first time, it will be processed immediately and added to that user.

β„Ή If you are sending events via JS there will be no delay in processing, and you can confidently use your Custom Events as Triggers or in Recurrence.

After creating your Custom Event it will be ready to use in your Segments, but also as a Tour Goal, in Event-based Recurrence, or as a Completion Criteria for Launcher Items.

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