Sometimes your users want to jump to what they plan to do with your product and don't bother with your guidance. No matter how important the changes or new features may be.

Allow them to do so because you don't want to block, but genuinely help them. You can re-engage your users when they're ready. 😉

Quick access

Click to dismiss & Click to complete

You can set click-based actions for users to complete or dismiss a Tour, without using buttons. You can add these options from the Builder's Interactions section. For each Tour, you can set a:

  • Click to dismiss
    This option allows the user to click anywhere outside the Step to dismiss the Tour, either by exiting or snoozing it.

  • Click to complete
    This option allows the user to click somewhere else to complete your Tour. The options you'll see available here will depend on how the Step is positioned and whether you set any shroud or lightbox. You can allow users to click:

    • Anywhere outside the Step

    • Specific elements (available when the Step is positioned relative to the screen and there is no shroud)

    • Inside the lightbox (available when the Step is positioned relative to an element and there's a lightbox)

Click to progress

You can also allow your users to navigate your Tour without clicking buttons with the "Click to Progress" option. You can allow users to go to the next Step by clicking:

  • Anywhere outside the Step

  • On a specific page element

💡 This is a great way to direct users to key actions that will allow them to find value.

Note: in the GIF above there is a Shroud set, so the option to click on a specific element is not available to use, since the users won't be able to see it properly to select it.

Use these options to allow your users to progress without interruption by your guidance.

You can configure the dismiss option to show the Tour again, and allow them to engage with it at their convenience. Or guide them to key actions they must take to get the best out of your product, with specific element clicks. 😉

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