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Document360 integration: user guide

Learn how to set up and use Chameleon's Document360 integration

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Bring your entire knowledge base to your product to unblock users and allow them to find help in a few clicks. By enabling the Document 360 integration, you reduce friction when users encounter blockers, and allow them to search through your docs (or get summarized answers) no matter where they are in your product.

Availability & Usage

✚ Pairs well with HelpBar

βš™οΈ Enable from the Dashboard

How does this integration work?

With our Document360 integration, you can connect your help documentation to HelpBar and enable users to access it anywhere in your product. The HelpBar is Chameleon's "Spotlight Search" that surfaces documentation, user-generated content, and more.

Add different resources to your HelpBar, such as help or developer docs, but also specific guides or launch your integrated 'Extensions'. You can choose to have it always-on-display, or launchable at a keyboard command or from an element in your interface.

To use the Document360 integration with the HelpBar, go to the Dashboard to connect your integration first. You'll need to add an API key from your Document360 account and your Help Center's URL.

πŸ‘‰ To learn more about obtaining your API key check the Document360 article.

Once connected, Chameleon will be able to search your knowledge base content and you can go ahead to further configure the HelpBar on your account.

The HelpBar is a powerful tool that you can leverage to connect users with all the helpful resources you've created to enable them.

With no interruptions, but insightful content to answer specific questions, use the HelpBar to ensure all users have a smooth experience. Ensure the latest documented updates, or features are there for any user to explore and use at their convenience.

πŸ’‘ You can 'Pin' the most useful resources to show up before users start a search.

πŸ‘€ You'll soon be able to download HelpBar searches, but you can currently send users' AI questions to your Slack.

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