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Leran how to set up and use Chameleon's GitBook integration

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Bring your entire help documentation in your product and allow users to find and peruse your docs when they need them most. With our GitBook integration, you can enable users to access your internal knowledge base or public documentation in your app.

Availability & Usage

✚ Pairs well with HelpBar

βš™οΈ Enable from the Dashboard

With our GitBook integration you can bring all the help content your team worked to create over time, right into your product and enable users to access it in a few clicks. Add your knowledge base to HelpBar and make it instantly accessible to users in your product.

✨ You can also enable AI answers, and allow users to get unblocked with quick answers on the spot.

You can pick how users can launch it and make users' journeys more dynamic with different types of resources, or 'Extensions'

To leverage your GitBook documentation with the HelpBar, go to the Dashboard to connect your integration first. You'll need to generate a new an API key from your GitBook account (we recommend calling it Chameleon HelpBar key) and add it alongside your help center's URL.

Once you connect your GitBook account, you'll be able to add your help documentation to HelpBar and combine it with other resources for a better learning experience.

πŸ’‘ You can also 'Pin' the most useful resources that will show up every time the HelpBar is launched.

Enable users to access your whole documentation whenever they need answers, without having to search them out of context. Keep your documentation updated in GitBook and review the most common searches to ensure you've got all questions answered.

πŸ‘€ You'll soon be able to download HelpBar searches, but you can currently send users' AI questions to your Slack.

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