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HelpBar is a 'Spotlight Search' that can bring together product resources, user-generated content, and content from your app. All to enable users to learn more and have more success with your product.

With our API you have the control and a lot of flexibility to configure different search results for your own HelpBar, which can also launch specific actions to engage users.

The HelpBar is fully customizable to fit your product, unique content, and specific user journeys. You can customize the style to ensure a native fit, as well as the content to help users maximize the use of your product.

Access these configurations via our API and use it to:

  • update the style of your HelpBar, including defining custom labels, or icons

  • add custom content to the HelpBar such as app-specific content, and group the different types of content in your HelpBar;

  • import your product's navigation to allow users to jump to specific pages or sections;

  • pin resources to provide greater visibility over specific Items in your HelpBar;

  • set the target audience for your HelpBar;

  • launch Chameleon Walkthroughs, or integrations from the HelpBar, such as booking modals, prototypes, or videos;

  • help users find key resources faster by mimicking multi-click-Actions in your product.

You'll find the how-to's in our Developer Hub for all of these and more. Dive deeper into these and explore what you can do with our HelpBar API πŸ‘‡

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Ask your developers to help you with these configurations if you need it; our API is straightforward and easy to use so you'll quickly have your HelpBar set up the way you need it.

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