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Integrate HelpBar with your stack

Explore how you can leverage your tools with HelpBar to a create better user experience

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Leverage your stack to engage users with the resources they need, and prefer πŸ˜‰ You can combine help documentation, with video updates, teasing prototypes, or live chats to unblock users in your app through the HelpBar.

Integrate HelpBar with your stack and users' flow to smooth out their experience and drive your product's adoption.

Availability & Usage

πŸ“ 10+ available Actions

βš™οΈ Add as HelpBar Content

HelpBar can provide more than in-depth explanations when users search for answers. You can configure your results to launch specific Actions that match users' needs for personalized support. These include showing a booking modal, launching a demo or a prototype, or your team's chat to enable human connection when users need it.

Leverage all the tools that already help you engage users with the HelpBar to enable and engage users in your product. This way, you reduce friction, help unblock users, and improve their experience.

πŸ’‘ Any integration that you can launch as an additional Action from a Chameleon button, you can launch from your HelpBar.

By combining help documentation with more dynamic resources or means to connect with your team, you're enabling users to access a dynamic hub to find answers based on needs, challenges, or expertise. All in your app, as questions arise.

There aren't any specific requirements to add your stack to HelpBar. All you have to do is integrate your tools with Chameleon to be able to leverage them across your app.

Here's how to launch Calendly, Loom, Zendesk, or more from the HelpBar:

❢ Enable or connect your integration in Chameleon

First, head over to the Dashboard to enable or connect the integrations you want to use. In some cases all you have to do is enable the modals to show in your app (e.g. Airtable) in others, you'll have to connect via the integration dashboard too so all functionalities work correctly (e.g. Help Scout).

You can find more information on how to connect each integration from their respective guides, linked in the article below πŸ‘‡

❷ Add them to HelpBar

With your tool stack connected, all you have to do is add these as Actions in your HelpBar. You'll add a URL that will be accessed each time a user clicks a result, with a compelling description and title, then publish it to HelpBar.

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