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How can I integrate HelpBar with my product?
How can I integrate HelpBar with my product?
Explore the different Actions you can configure for your HelpBar results
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With the HelpBar, each piece of content that you've worked hard to create can be easily accessed by your users in your product. And some can further launch helpful chats, or take the users to a specific page in your app to help them on their journey.

Aside from adding helpful content, you can also set different Actions for the results that pop in your HelpBar, to help users navigate blockers more easily or deepen their knowledge. Not to mention make your guidance more engaging and contextual based on users' needs.

Quick access

Finding the right answers is the first step to unblocking users; but as searches get more diverse and their needs as well, you can configure your HelpBar to launch specific Actions that are tailored to users' challenges.

As users look for answers they can also access content that is specific to them, or to their question. And as they click through the results they'll be able to navigate your app, get guided through configurations, or connect with someone on your team to provide feedback. You'll know better what users need to be successful with your product πŸ™‚

Here are a few ideas of Actions that your HelpBar can launch that is product or user-specific:

  • individual or shared projects

  • latest purchase/order they made in your app

  • their saved notes or personal activity

  • navigation to the help, or profile section

πŸ‘‰ Explore how to add your help documentation to your HelpBar and publish it to your users today. You'll soon be able to add custom links from your product, directly in the Dashboard.

πŸ‘€ Coming soon

Leverage your Chameleon Walkthroughs as well as your entire tool stack to help users get the best out of your product. You can add these to your HelpBar so users can access self-serve guidance or provide more insight, at their convenience.

πŸ‘€ We are working to make Actions easily configurable from your Dashboard, but meanwhile, you can set these up via our API.

Leverage the HelpBar to return more than documentation, as each result can launch further guidance or enable users to navigate to some of the furthest corners of your product in a few clicks. Here are some of the other Actions the HelpBar can perform for your users:

Product Navigation

Add specific pages from your product that users can navigate to from the HelpBar. This can be your homepage or an account-specific page, or an entire project from your application (e.g. opening the most recently created Chameleon Experience, in our case).

Track user actions

Configure your results to track user events and sync these to your tool stack to better understand users' behaviors and how you can meet their needs. Or send your events to Chameleon and sync them across your integrations (e.g. beta_opt_in).

Mimic user clicks

Configure results that mimic users clicking on specific on-page elements from your app. For example, you can simulate navigating to a section of your app that would require multiple steps to get to or selecting sub-pages from your menu, to ease users' journey.

Chameleon Walkthroughs

Add your Chameleon Walkthroughs to the HelpBar to provide holistic education, and enable users to self-serve guidance when they're engaged in your app.

Launch integrations

From prototypes to scheduling calls and in-app videos, you can configure your results to provide more than answers on the spot.

Leverage your connected integrations (e.g. Calendly, Airtable, HubSpot) to create a better user experience. Engage users for early-stage feedback to loop in their ideas, enable them to connect with your team through chats or meetings to understand their needs better, and make their journey more engaging with well-crafted resources.

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