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Explore how to leverage Pendo guides with your HelpBar

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Make your product guides accessible on-demand from your HelpBar and give users all the answers and resources to be successful with your product. Add your Pendo guides to HelpBar and allow users to peruse your docs and then launch a guide to learn faster.

Add your feature guides to HelpBar to enable users to find answers and learn about your product in a few clicks.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to use in your HelpBar

βš™οΈ Add from the Dashboard

With our Pendo integration, you can complement your self-serve support with contextual guides that users can access anywhere in your app. HelpBar is great for unblocking users and providing fast answers. Leverage this to provide clear direction and help users reach moments of value faster.

Add your Pendo guides to your HelpBar and allow users to launch them in your product. This leverages an API call from Pendo that triggers your guide.

πŸ‘‰ You can also leverage HelpBar analytics to understand your users' searches and what's missing from your documentation and guidance.

There's no special requirement or setup needed to leverage your Pendo guides in your Helpbar. You can add them any time and they'll immediately be available to your users in your product.

All you have to do to leverage your Pendo guides in your HelpBar is add them from the Chameleon Dashboard. Head over to the HelpBar page in your Dashboard and under 'Searchable content' pick Actions. Choose the Run Custom Code' Action and use this code: pendo.showGuideById('GUIDE-ID') replacing the guide-ID with the one from your Pendo guide.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about finding your guide ID from this Pendo note.

✨ 'Pin' your most valuable Pendo guides to show when users launch your HelpBar. This is especially useful when showcasing the latest product updates. You can also target it to specific users from the Dashboard.

After you add your Pendo Action simply publish it to HelpBar and users will be able to access it right away.

β„Ή You can add as many guides as you want to your HelpBar, just ensure you grab the correct ID when adding a new Action.

Use our Pendo integration to help users reach moments of value faster and unblock them during their discovery and adoption journey. Expand their learning options by pairing feature guides with your available documentation to help self-serve users find success faster.

You can leverage your Pendo guides to help users:

  • get started and accustomed to your product faster with onboarding guides

  • learn about product updates in context

  • forget about friction when interested in discovering your product

  • learn through dynamic and immersive methods, without leaving your app

Explore how you can combine documentation with in-app guides to help users move faster, be more successful, and forget support tickets when they get blocked. This is impactful for both guiding new users and increasing the discovery and adoption of upcoming features.

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