Appcues integration: user guide

Learn how you can leverage Appcues flows with HelpBar

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In-app guidance efforts are integral to healthy user adoption, and so is efficient self-serve guidance. You can leverage your Appcues flows in your HelpBar and guide users to valuable moments when they need guidance.

Complement your in-app support with guided flows that onboard users or teach them how to find success faster with your product.

Availability & Usage

πŸ” Available for all plans

πŸ“ Ready to use in your HelpBar

βš™οΈ Add from the Dashboard

You can integrate Appcues with HelpBar and allow users to start flows on demand. This way, you enable users to learn more through documentation and dynamic in-app guides that complement their experiences.

Users can start Appcues flows directly from your HelpBar as they get blocked or wish to learn more about specific features. You can leverage an API call to trigger your Appcues flow. This is especially useful for new self-serve users, as they can search and pick just what to learn more about at their convenience.

πŸ‘‰ You can also leverage HelpBar analytics to understand what users search for and ensure you can answer all possible questions.

There's no special requirement or setting for you to be able to add your Appcues flows to HelpBar. You can add them at any time and they'll immediately be available for users.

Head over to the HelpBar page in your Dashboard, and under 'Searchable content' pick to add an Action. Choose the 'Run Custom Code' Action and use this code:'FLOW-ID') replacing the flow-ID with the one from your Appcues flow.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about finding your flow ID from this Appcues article.

✨ You can 'Pin' your Appcues flow to show when users launch your HelpBar, as well as pick different audiences for it.

Once you add your Appcues Action simply publish it to HelpBar and users will be able to access it right away.

β„Ή You can add as many flows as you want to your HelpBar, just ensure you grab the correct ID when adding a new Action.

Leverage our Appcues integration to round your self-serve motion with dynamic flows that teach users to use the features they read about in your docs. This way, users choose what to explore and how they prefer to learn about your product.

Allowing users to launch flows from HelpBar drives product adoption in different ways:

  • users get onboarded faster and move past blockers quicker

  • more efficient feature discovery and adoption

  • users move faster in your product and get more satisfaction from achieving their goals faster

  • removes friction between users wanting to know and having to find the right resource, or answer

Leverage your Appcues flows with your HelpBar to enable users to use your product successfully. This is especially useful with new signups, who need more orientation but want to explore on their own first.

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