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Using the HelpBar in Chameleon
Using the HelpBar in Chameleon
Learn how to use the HelpBar to search and navigate to Chameleon Experiences, help resources, best practices, and more.
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The Chameleon HelpBar allows you to search and navigate between Chameleon resources, features, and pages to switch between guidance and product components effortlessly.

Integrated into your workflow, the HelpBar will save you time and boost your Experience building flow with all configurations you need, at hand.

Availability & Usage

🧪 BETA for all plans

⚙️ Join from the Dashboard

📚 For open knowledge bases / 👀 Solution for private coming soon

Quick access

📺 Watch the video below to see how the HelpBar works and how you can use it to make your job easier.

The HelpBar is a built-in "Spotlight search" engine that connects all Chameleon Help resources, best practices, Developer docs, Experiences, and more. It’s our solution for quick navigation without interrupting your flow.

You can use the HelpBar to search for, and access:

  • Dashboard pages

  • Chameleon Experiences

  • Segments, custom CSS codes, data Imports

  • Help articles & Developer docs

  • Blog content

  • Available Integrations

  • Experience Alerts

Open it with CMD+K (on Mac) or CTRL+K (on Windows) anywhere in Chameleon: the Dashboard, while using the Builder in your app, or open it from the top of the Dashboard menu. You can search for Experiences on your account, a Segment you created, or a Help article to guide you through the configurations underway.

opening the Chameleon HelpBar in the Dashboard

Type in a word, and the HelpBar will pull up all available resources in Chameleon. You can use simple words, and Chameleon will list all connected resources available. You can navigate the results with the keyboard shortcuts. Chameleon Experiences, Dashboard configurations, or account-wide options will always have priority here, followed by helpful resources.

Chameleon HelpBar results

To stay on top of Experience-building in Chameleon, you can use

  • the icons to quickly scan available resources and ensure you’re heading the right way. They signal integrated components such as Experiences, Help docs, Alerts, and so on.

  • labels that show you whenever new resources are available, or the status of Experiences.

  • the preview details to make your choice easier. For example, in the case of Help articles, you’ll see a content snippet. Or for a Segment, you’ll see the number of users included in it.

Pick from the list of results the one that fits your need, and you can navigate to it right away. If it's a Chameleon page, you'll be redirected to it. If it's an external resource, it will open in a new tab. No extra steps. 😉

The Chameleon HelpBar gathers all Chameleon components in one place, so you can find your next project in a beat. Whenever you need to check, learn, or edit something, use the HelpBar to get to it.

You’ll notice that HelpBar has two main sections: Recent and Recommended results.

Chameleon learns from your search habits and will pull up the most relevant results as you continue to use it. This way, it's integrated with your unique habits and needs.

The recent & recommended sections of the Chameleon HelpBar

The HelpBar is in BETA, and you can add it for free to your product. If you're interested in enabling a quicker and more educated flow for your users, sign up for the waitlist in the Dashboard. Or click on "Build yours now" in the bottom bar. 😊

🔓 The HelpBar currently works with public knowledge bases; if it's searchable and findable you'll be able to fit the HelpBar right into your product.

🔐 We are working to find ways for private help centers to be able to leverage the HelpBar too. If you have a private Zendesk or HelpScout knowledge base, you'll be able to authenticate your account from within Chameleon, and we'll be able to search it and show relevant results to your users. Contact us to enable this for you.

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